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HGTG40N60B3 CXA1298AP ISL9R460P2 BD435 TIP33D MC74ACT125D NM25C160M8 SABC161PILM
HLB123 S1298 ISL9R3060G2 BD433 TIP32A MC74ACT10N NM74HCT05N SABC161PILF
IRC530 UPC1298V ISL9N306AS3 BD361 TIP31D MC74ACT08DR NM93C06M8   SABC161PILF
IRC540 UPC1297CA ISL9N306AP3 BD357-16 TIP31C MC74ACT08D NM93C06M8   SABC161OLMH
IRF120 UPD1295C ISL9N302AS3 BD230 TIP30C MC74ACT05N NM93C06N   SABC161OLM
IRF1310N LB1294 ISL9K860P3 BD228 TIP30B MC74ACT05DR NM93C56N   SABC161KLMH
IRF140 SAA1293-3 ISL8490IB BD226 TIP3055F MC74ACT05D NM93C56N   SABC161KLM
74AS160 LB1292 ISL8485IB AF106 TIP29B MC74ACT04N NM93CS56N   SABC161JCLF
IRF152 SAA1292 ISL84544IHT 51057-323 TIP145 MC74ACT04DR NM93CS66N   SABC161CSLF
IRF220 LB1291 ISL84544CB 49170-7000 TIP142T MC74ACT04D NMC27C16Q35 SABC161CSLF
IRF221 SAA1291 ISL84543IHT 491.707.000 TIP141 MC74ACT02D NSF8KT   SAB83C515A5
IRF240 LB1290 ISL84543CB CD74FCT244E TIP140 MC74ACT00N NT3561A   SAB82538H10
IRF242 SAA1290 ISL84542IHT BYW72TAP TIP137 SGS MC74ACT00DT NT3750A   SAB82538H10
M27C02015 UPC1290 ISL84542CB BYS1045TR TIP132 MC74ACT00DR OA90   SAB82532N10
IRF252C UPC1288 ISL84541IHT BSP52E7874 TIP126 MC74ACT00D OM200   SAB82532H10
IRF253 LB1287 ISL84541CB BFP405E6327 TIP121 MC74AC86D OM336   SAB82532H10
IRF2807 CXA1280N ISL84523IV BBY5503WE63 TIP110 MC74AC74N ON2170R   SAB82526HV2
BF689K MN1280L ISL84523IB BAT1704WE63 SN74LS606N MC74AC74DR2 ON4341   SAB82525NV2
IRF420 MN1280N ISL84522IB BAT1704E632 TIP105 MC74AC74D ON528   SAB82525NV2
IRF422 MN1280S ISL84521IV 74LVX138MTC TIP102SGS MC74AC574N OP07CD   SAB82525HV2
IRF452 CXA1279AS ISL84521IB 74LVX138M STV9421 MC74AC574DW OP07CN   SAB80C537N
IRF4905S LB1274 ISL84517IHT 74HCT85D STV8225 MC74AC573N OP279GS   SAB80C53716
IRF510 CXA1272Q ISL84517IB 74AC00MTR STV8223B MC74AC573DW OP27GP   VEFH24A
IRF511 LB1272 ISL84516IB M27C4002-12 STV8223A2 MC74AC573DW OP291GS   TYN264P
IRF512 UPC1272C ISL84515IHT MC14507 STV21803 MC74AC541N OP37GP   SAB80C517NT
IRF521 CXA1271Q ISL84515IB 1SS384(TE85 STV2118A MC74AC541DW OP42GP   SAB80C515AN
IRF522 LB1269 ISL84514IHT 1SMA30CAT3 STV2116B MC74AC540N OR3T555   SAB80C166M/
IRF532 CXA1268P ISL84514IB 1SMA24CAT3 STV2112B MC74AC540DW P1000K   Q67127C562
IRF610 LB1268 ISL8394IB BYV28050TAP STV2100 MC74AC4040D P1M120F484C PZTA92E6327
IRF612 LB1267 ISL8393IB BYS1045TR3 STRZ2753CSk MC74AC377N P2005A08TT   PZTA42E6327
IRF613 LB1265 ISL8392IB BFQ67T1 STRZ2751 MC74AC377DW P2005S08TT   PZTA42E6327
IRF620 UPC1265 ISL8391IB BAR6405WE63 STRTG6153Sk MC74AC374N P2008A08ST PSB7280FV3.
IRF622 CXA1264AS ISL83385EIB BAR6404E632 STRS6533 MC74AC374DW P2008A08TT   PSB4600FV1.
IRF631 LB1264 ISL83385EIA BAR6403WE63 STRS6501 MC74AC373N P2027A08ST PSB2186HV11
IRF632 LA1261 ISL8325IB BAR6305E632 STRS6302 MC74AC373DW P2040C08ST PSB2168HV4.
IRF633 LB1261 ISL8324IB BA979GS08 STRS5706 MC74AC32N P2084A08ST PSB2163TV31
IRF641 LA1260 ISL8323IB 74LVX273MTC STRS5641 MC74AC32DR2 P20K100EFC1 PSB2163NV31
IRF644 MM1256XF ISL6700IB 74LVX273M STRS5041TSk MC74AC32D P20K100EFI3 PSB2163NV3.
IRF712 UPC1255 ISL6524CB 74F244SC STRS5041GSk MC74AC273N P20K100EQI2 PSB2161TV11
IRF723 DBX1253 ISL6436LIB 74F244PC STRM6523 MC74AC273DW P20K160EFC4 PSB2154HV1.
IRF730 SAA1253 ISL6436HIB 74ACT125SCX STRM6518 MC74AC273DW P20K160EFC4 PSB21525NV2
M51256P80 LB1252 ISL6430CR 74ACT125SC STRM6516 MC74AC259N P20K160EQC2 PSB21483FV1
IRF741 UPC1248V ISL6401CB 74ACT02B STRM6514 MC74AC259D P20K160EQC2 PSB21393HV1
IRF743 LA1247 ISL5961IA 74AC86B STRM6511 MC74AC245N P20K160ETC1 PSB21393HV1
IRF820 LB1247 ISL5961EVAL 1SV280(TPH3 STRF6655 MC74AC245DW P20K200EFI4 PSB21391HV1
IRF821 UPC1245 ISL5861/2IA 1SMB150AT3 STRF6515 MC74AC245DW P20K200EQI2 PSB21383HV1
IRF822 UPC1242H ISL5586EVAL 1SMB130AT3 STRD6602 MC74AC244DW P20K300EQI2 PSB21382HV1
M28C64-156 CXA1241M ISL5586BIM 1SMB120AT3 STRD6108 MC74AC240N P20K400EFC6 PSB2132HV22
UPC1241H ISL43210IHT BYV28150A52 STRD6008 MC74AC175N P20K400EFC6 PSB2132HV2.
IRF832 CXA1238M ISL43142IB BYV28150A52 STRD1406 MC74AC175D P20K400EFI6 PSB2115HV12
MTP6N60 CXA1238S ISL43141IB BST40T1 STR9015 MC74AC161N P20K600EBC6 PSB2115HV1.
IRF9140 UPC1238 ISL43140IV CD74ACT139M STRD1005 MC74AC161D P20K600EBC6 PSB2115FV1.
IRF9240 CXA1237A ISL43140IB CD74ACT139M STR81159 MC74AC157N P20K600EBI6 PSB21150HV1
IRF9520 MN1237AD ISL43122IHT CD74ACT138M STR56041 MC74AC157D P20K600EFC6 PSB21150FV1
IRF9532 LA1235 ISL43121IHT CD74ACT138M STR55041 MC74AC153D P20K600EFI6 PMB2335R
IRF9533 UPC1235 ISL43120IHT CD74AC138E STR54041SMT MC74AC151D P2160A08TT   PMB2208R
IRF9540 LB1234 ISL43113IHT BFR181E6327 STR53043 MC74AC139N P2781A08ST PLB2224EV13
IRF9610 CXA1232A ISL43113IB BAP6404T1 STR52100 MC74AC139D P2781A08TT   PEF2466HV2.
IRF9620 LA1232 ISL43112IHT 74F273SC STR51330 MC74AC138N P2814B08ST PEF2466HV14
LB1930 STR1229 ISL43112IB 74AHCT14DT3 STR50103FSM MC74AC138DR P600B   PEF24622EV2
IRF9640 TB1229AN ISL43111IHT 74AHCT14D STR50100 MC74AC138D P600B   PEF2426HV1.
IRF9Z24 TB1229BN ISL43111IB 74AHCT08DT3 STR50095ASM MC74AC132N P600D   PEF22812FV2
IRFBC30 UPC1228H ISL43110IHT 74AHCT04D STR470 MC74AC132D P600D   PEF22622FV1
IRFBG30 TB1227N ISL43110IB 74AHCT00D STR456A MC74AC125N P600K   PEF2055NVA3
IRFD120 MN1225 ISL3874AIK 74AHC32DT3 STR455 MC74AC125D P600K   PEF20471EV1
IRFD123 LTC4257 IS9705RHQ 74AHC08PW STR453 MC74AC11DR2 1N646   PEF20470HV1
IRFD1Z0 MN1224 IS9705RH/PR 74AHC04PW STR452SMT MC74AC11D TC4804EPA   PEF20451EV1
IRFD210 MN1220 JVC IS82C59A 74AC139SC STR451Sanke MC74AC10D P6KE6V8A/P6 PEF20450HV1
IRFD220 MN1219 IS82C55A 74AC138SC STR450Skn MC74AC109D P6SMB33AT3 PEF20320HV3
IRFD9110 CXA1218S IS82C5410 IS63LV1024- STR450Sank/ MC74AC08N P6SMB6V8AT3 PEF2026TPV1
IRFD9120 LB1216 IS82C54 2N5462 STR4142 MC74AC05N P80C3112   PEF2015TV12
IRFF132 CXA1214P IS82C52 2N5460 STR4141 MC74AC04N FT5757M   PEB8191HV11
IRFF9232 LB1214 IS82C50A5 BZG03C110TR STR4090A MC74AC04DR2 P80C51FA4A PEB8191FV1.
IRFK3D250 UN1211 IS82C23712 BYV28100A52 STR40115 MC74AC04D P80C552IFA0 PEB4266TV12
IRFK6H350 UPC1211V IS71845ASRH BFM520T1 STR381SMT MC74AC02DR2 P80C652FBP0 PEB4265VV1.
IRFK6J150 DAC1210L IS63LV10241 BB814E6327G STR3335 MC74AC02D P8284A   PEB4265TV12
IRFL214 UPC1210 IS63LV10241 BB8141GS08 STR3220 MC74AC00N P82B715PN   PEB4265TV11
IRFP054 CXA1209 IS63LV10241 BAR6406W STR3127 MC74AC00D P82B715TD   PEB4264TV12
IRFP064N CXA1208Q IS63LV10241 74AHC32PW STR3120 MC68VZ328PV P82C21112C PEB3265FV15
IRFP140 LA1207 IS63LV10241 74AHC30PW STR13006 MC68SEC000F P82C21112D PEB3264FV14
IRFP150N TB1207N IS62LV25670 74AHC1G125G STR1229 MC68SC302UM P82C212B12 PEB3086HV14
IRFP254 CXA1206 IS62C25670U 2SA1313Y(TE STPR1020CT MC68QH302SU P82C212B12A PEB3086HV1.
IRFP260N LM1205N IS62C25670U 1SV271(TPH3 BUZ91A MC68QH302PV P82C215A   PEB3086FV14
IRFP350 CXA1204Q IS62C25670T BZG03C75T3 IRFBE20 MC68PM302RM P83C652FBA0 PEB3081FV1.
IRFP360 MN1204B IS62C25670T BYT03400 IRG4PC40U MC68LK332GC 7MBP150NA06 PEB24902HV2
IRFP440 CXA1203N IS62C25645T BD179 IRFBG20 MC68LK332GC P87C51SFBB PEB2466HV22
M27256AF1 CXA1203P IS62C1024L7 74LV14DT3 2N7000M MC68LK332AC MC3419-1L   PEB2466HV2.
M27C256Q150 LM1203AN IS62C102470 74LV14D IRFD9123 MC68LK332AC P87C528EBPN PEB2466HV1.
M27C16BQ200 LM1203BN IS62C102445 74HC163D S6003M MC68LC302RM P87C52EBAA PEB2465HV2.
IRFP4710 LM1203N IS62C102445 BFT46T1 MTP10N40 MC68LC302PU P87C52SBAA PEB22811HV1
IRFP9140 MM1203H IS61SF12836 BAT1707E632 STW8NB100 MC68LC302PU P87C52SBPN PEB2260NV30
IRFP9240 MN1203 IS61SF12836 74LVX245M VN0300L MC68LC302PU P87C54SBPN PEB2256HV12
IRFPC50 TBA120S3 IS61S64327P 74LVQ573TTR U406A MC68LC060RC P87C552SBAA PEB2256HV1.
IRFPC60 CXA1202R IS61LV51281 74LVQ245M U1899A MC68L711E9F P87C554SBAA PEB2256EV12
IRFPF40 HA1202 IS61LV2568T 74LCX374M TIS98 MC68L11K1FN P87C748EBFF PEB2255HV13
IRFPF50 CXA1201Q IS61LV25615 74LCX245MTR IRFD311 MC68L11E1CF P87C748EBPN PEB2255HV1.
IRFR024N LM1201N IS61LV25610 74LCX245M MTP5N60 MC68L11E0PB P87LPC764BN PEB22554HTV
IRFU220 CXA1200Q IS61LV12824 74LCX244M IRF251 MC68HSC705J P89C51RB2HB PEB2254HV14
IRFZ22 EV1200 IS61C641615 74HCT163D S6020L MC68HRC98JK P89C51RD2BN PEB2254HV1.
IRFZ24 CXA1198AP IS61C641615 74ACT574MTR RCA423 MC68HRC908J P89C51RD2HB PEB22522FV2
IRFZ32 UPC1198H IS61C256AH1 74ACT574M PTC6253 MC68HRC908J P89C51RD2HB PEB2245NV12
IRFZ40 HA11946T2 IS61C256AH1 74ACT573M PTC6251 MC68HRC908J P89C51RD2HB PEB22320NV2
S576C IX1194CE IS61C256AH1 74ACT541M PTC6062 MC68HRC908J P89C660HBA0 PEB2096HV21
BTA08-700CM CXA1191P IS61C256AH1 74ACT245MTR PTC6061á MC68HRC908J P89C660HFA PEB2091NV53
CXA1191S IS61C256AH1 74ACT245B PTC6002 MC68HRC908J P89C664HBA PEB2091NV5.
IRLD014 TDA1190Z IS61C1024L1 74AC574M PTC6060 MC68HRC908J PAL16R8A2CN PEB2086NV1.
IRLZ24N UPC1190 IS61C1024L1 74AC573MTR PTC6001 MC68HRC908J PALCE22V10H PEB2086NV1.
MPF102 CXA1186 IS61C102415 74AC573M PN5138 TO-9 MC68HLC705K PB1010S   PEB2086HV1.
MPT50N06V TDA1185A IS61C102415 74AC573B PN4858 /2N4 MC68HCP11E1 PBYR1645FB PEB2084HV1.
MTM15N06E ECG1183 IS61C102415 74AC541M PN3569/2N35 MC68HCP11E0 PBYR735F   PEB2084HV1.
MTP10N10E UPC1183 IS61C102415 74AC245M MU20 MC68HCP11E0 PBYR740FB   PEB20591HV2
MTP12N05E CXA1182Q IS61C102412 74AC245B MU10 MC68HCP11A0 PBYR745DT3 PEB20590HV2
MTP20N08 CXA1182S IS42S16400L CD40175BE/H MPSU51A MC68HC912B3 PBYR745FB   PEB20571FV3
MTP27N10 CXD1178Q IS42S16400A BZG04110T3 MPSU10 MC68HC908SR PC113L   PEB20571FV2
MTP2P50E LA1177 IS42S164007 BZG03C43T3 MPSU01 MC68HC908SR PC123Y22   PEB20570FV3
MTP3055E CXD1175AM IS42S161007 BZG03C130T3 MPQ3467 MC68HC908RK PC16550DN   PEB2055NVA3
MTP3N100E LA1175 IS41LV16257 BZG03C100T3 MPQ2222A MC68HC908RF PC74HC112P PEB2055NVA3
MTP3N60S-5 MM1175XF IS41LV16100 BYV1020A52R MMBT4401 MC68HC908QY PC74HC354P PEB20550HV1
MTP3N90 UPC1173C IS41C410560 BYV1020A52A MMBT3906 MC68HC908QY PC74HC40104 PEB2054NV10
MTP4N50 LT1172CT IS41C162576 BYT77TAP MMBT3904  = MC68HC908QY PC74HC648P PEB2046NVA3
MTP50N05E LA1170 IS41C162576 BCX5416T3 MMBT2907A MC68HC908QY PC74HCT243P PEB2035PV41
MTP50N06 TDA1170DSGS IS41C162573 BAT1707E632 MMBT2222A MC68HC908QY PC74HCT354P PEB2035NV41
P82530-6 TDA1170SH IS41C162563 BAR6304E632 MJW16012 MC68HC908QY PC74HCT356P PEB20324HV2
MTP5N35 CXD1167Q IS24C643PI 74VHCT245AF MJH12005 MC68HC908QY PC74HCT4010 PEB20320HV3
PHB55N03LT UPC1165c IS24C643P 74F373SC MJE2901Tá MC68HC908QT AT28C64-15J PEB20320HV3
PHP45N03LT CXA1163 IS24C163PI 74ACT244SCX MJE2901T MC68HC908QT PC827   PEB2026TSV1
RFD8P05 CXD1162P IS24C163GI 74ACT157M MJE271 MC68HC908QT PC827(LTV81 PEB2026TSV1
RFP12N20 CXD1161SMD IS24C163G 74AC157M MJE251 MC68HC908QT PC847   PEB2026TPV1
RFP12P10 CXD1161 IRU120625CY 4N35.SD MJE2360T MC68HC908QT PC849   PEB2026TP
RFP18N10 CXA1157 IRU120618CY 4N35.300 MJE180 MC68HC908QT PCA82C251T PEB2025NV15
RFP25N06 HA1156W IRU1117CY BYT56MTAP MJE170 MC68HC908MR PCA84C841P0 PBL386202SO
BBADS1286U UPC1156 IRU111733CY BF998WRT1 MJ13071 MC68HC908MR PCA9515D   OSRAMSG
RFP50N06 CXD1153 IRU111733CY BF909T1 MJ12010 MC68HC908MR PCB80C55252 S399942104
RFP8N20 LA1150 IRU101025CY BF904RT1 MJ12004 MC68HC908MR PCB8517P002 S399942104
RFP8P10 IX1147CEN1 IRSF3011 BF1101T1 MJ12002 MC68HC908MR PCD3310CT   RT844
SGSP361 CXA1145M IRSAMPLEBOX BBY5202WE63 MJ11022 MC68HC908LJ PCD3310PZ3 ST730C08L0
SGSP364 LA1145 IRLZ44NSTRL 74VHC27N MJ11021 MC68HC908LJ PCD3311CP   ST230S04P1V
2SK1904 LA1145M IRLZ44N 74VHC112MTC MJ11018á MC68HC908KX PCD3311CT   SI4410DYTR
SGSP369 CXD1140 IRLZ34NS 74LV02D MJ10005 MC68HC908KX PCD3312CTT1 SI3443DVTR
SGSP477 LA1140 IRLZ34NB 74F374SCX MJ10004 MC68HC908KX PCD3321P   SD553C45S50
SPP20N60C2 LA1137 IRLZ34N 74F374SC MJ10002 MC68HC908JL PCD4440T3   SD300C08C
SSH45N20A LA1137M IRLZ24NS 74F273PC J270 MC68HC908JL PCD5091HC94 PVT422
ssp5n90 LA1136M IRLZ14 74ACT138SCX J177á MC68HC908JL PCD5091HC94 PVT322S
E180N10 ECG1135 IRLU3410 4N35(SHORT) MTW20N50E MC68HC908JL PCF1105P003 PVN012
STE24N90 LM1131CN IRLU2905 CD74HC237M IRFP044 MC68HC908JK PCF80C51BH3 PVG612
STE47N50 CXA1127 IRLU024N CD74HC237E IRFBE30 MC68HC908JK PCF8573P   PVD1354N
STH12N60FI CXA1127AM IRLU014 CD74ACT541E IRF440 MC68HC908JK PCF8573T   PVD1352NS
STH60N10 CXA1127M IRLR8103V CD74AC541M9 IRF430 MC68HC908JK MJE340   PVA3354N
STH6NA80FI CXD1125Q IRLR3410 CD74AC541M IRF350 MC68HC908JK PCF8575TSF1 P403
STP10NB50 CXA1124 IRLR3103 CD74AC541E IR5062 MC68HC908JK PCF8576CTF1 P402
STP18N06 CXA1124BS IRLR2905TRL CD4503BCN IR5061 MC68HC908JK PCF8576T   WV25616BLL7
STP30N06 CXA11223 IRLR2905TR CD4503BCM IR5060 MC68HC908JK PCF8576TT3   VPS51232166
STP33N10 CXA1115BP IRLR2705 BYW83TAP IR410 MC68HC908JK PCF8577CPF3 TS80L188EB1
STP36NO6FI UN1115 IRLR130ATM BA317 IR409 MC68HC908JK PCF8577CTF3 MC3488A1
STP3NB60 UN1112 IRLR120NPBF BSS229/E629 IR4065 MC68HC908JB PCF8583P   TP87C251SP1
STP4NA80 CXA1111P IRLR120ATF BSR31T1 IR4050 MC68HC908JB   TP87C251SB1
STP5NA50 LM1111CN IRLR024NTRL BSR30T1 IR4045 MC68HC908JB PCF8584T   TP80C251TB2
STP5NA60 UN1111 IRLR024N BFR92A IR4040 MC68HC908GZ PCF8584TT3   TP80C251SB1
STP60N06 CXA1110BS IRLMS2002TR BF869S ECG85 MC68HC908GZ PCF8593T   MAX3221CAE
STP6N60 CXA1109M IRLML6302TR BF869 ECG382 MC68HC908GZ PCF8598C2P0 MAX3221CAI
STP6N60FI BA1106F IRLML5103TR BB831E7904 ECG373 MC68HC908GZ PCF8598C2T0 TN82527
STP6NB50FP BA1106FS IRLML5103 BAR6404WE63 ECG326 MC68HC908GT PDTA143ET   TN80C51FA1S
STP80NE0610 BA1102F IRLM120ATF 74VHCT08AMT ECG290 MC68HC908GR PEB20320H   TN80C196KB1
STVHD90 CXA1101M IRLL3303 74VHC32MTR ECG268 MC68HC908GR PF10K100ABC TN80C186XL2
2N3948 CXA1100 IRLL110 74VHC14MTR D45H8 MC68HC908GR PF10K100ABC TN80C186EB2
STW20NA50 TMS1100/85 IRLL024N 74VHC08MTR D45VH10 MC68HC908GR PF10K100ABC N87C196KD20
STW33N20 U1096B IRLL014 74VHC08B D44VH10 MC68HC908GR PF10K100ABC TL82543GCSL
STW75N06 XR1096 IRLIZ44N 74VHC00MTR D44H5á MC68HC908GR PF10K100ABC TG80960JA3V
STW80N06 TEA1093T IRLI530N 74F148PC D40K2 MC68HC908GR PF10K100ABI TE28F800F3T
STW9NB90 XR1093 IRLI520N 74ACT373SCX D40E7 MC68HC908GR PF10K100ARC TE28F800C3T
TPC8005H CXA1091M IRLD120 74ACT257SC D40C5 MC68HC908GP PF10K100ARC TE28F800C3B
TPC8007H CXD1091S IRLD110 74ACT125MTC BUX81 MC68HC908GP PF10K100ARC TE28F800B3T
TPC8009H XR1091ECP IRLD024 74AC374PC BUX44 MC68HC908BD PF10K100ARI TE28F800B3B
TPC8010H TEA1090 IRL81A 74AC273SC BUW39 MC68HC908BD PF10K100BFC TE28F640J3C
TPC8102 LT1086CT-12 IRL640S 74AC245SCX BUW38 MC68HC908AZ PF10K100EBC TE28F320C3T
TPC8103 DBL1085 IRL640A 74AC245MTCX BUW12 MC68HC908AB PF10K100EBC TE28F320C3T
TPC8105H TEA1085A IRL630A 74AC125SC BUV98 MC68HC908AB PF10K100EFC TE28F320C3B
TPC8106H LT1084CT IRL540NS 74AC125MTC BUS48A MC68HC812A4 PF10K100EFC TE28F320C3B
TPC8108 LT1083CT IRL540N 2SB536 BUF420M MC68HC805PV PF10K100EFC TE28F320B3T
TPC8109 CXA1082AQ IRL540A ITR8152 BUF420A MC68HC711P2 PF10K100EFC TE28F320B3B
TPC8201 CXA1082BQ IRL530N MC6875L BU408D MC68HC711M2 PF10K100EFI TE28F320B3B
TPC8202 CXA1082BS IRL530A BYT03400 BDW84D MC68HC711KS PF10K100EQC TE28F160S31
TPC8204 LT1082CT IRL520NS BSP304ARA BDW83D MC68HC711KA PF10K100EQC TE28F160C3T
TPC8207 CXA1081 IRL520N 74LVC1G02GW BCX79 MC68HC711K4 PF10K100EQC TE28F160C3T
TPC8208 CXA1081Q IRL510A 74LV74PW BCX59 MC68HC711K4 PF10K100EQC TE28F160C3B
TPC8209 CXA1072 IRL3803STRL 74LV74DT3 BC307A MC68HC711K4 PF10K100EQC TE28F160B3T
TPCS8201 CXA1072R IRL3803S 74AHC04D BC239B MC68HC711E9 PF10K100EQI TE28F160B3T
TPCS8203 LT1072CT IRL3705N 74AHC02PWT3 BC140 16 MC68HC711E9 PF10K100EQI TE28F160B3T
TPCS8206 TDA1072/L IRL3202 74AHC02DT3 40841 MC68HC711E2 PF10K130EBC TE28F160B3B
TPCS8209 TEA1064A IRL3103D1 74AHC02D 3N163 MC68HC711E2 PF10K130EBC TE28F128J3C
TPCS8210 LA1060 IRL2910 BZT03C24A52 S8055M MC68HC711D3 PF10K130EBI TE28F128J3C
TPCS8211 STK1060-II IRL2203N BYT56GTAP 2SK2718 MC68HC705X3 PF10K130EFC TE28F008S51
VN02AN TEA1060 IRL1404 BF720T1 MRF5003 MC68HC705SR PF10K130EFC TB28F200B5T
SAE800 SAA1057 IRKE91/08A BBY5803WE63 AD136 MC68HC705SR PF10K130EFC STOCK_ITL_2
VN40AF DBL1055 IRKE56/12A BBY5303WE63 DTS430 MC68HC705SP PF10K130EFI SPD6722QCCE
VP0204N5 CXD1054 IRIS4013 BAT68E6327 TM1641 MC68HC705P6 PF10K130EQC SLXT973QEA2
TDA1054 IRG4RC10U 74VHCT374MT 2SK1653 MC68HC705P6 PF10K130EQC SLXT970AQCB
BSM100GD120 CXD1053 IRG4RC10S 74LCX574WMX 50RIA80 MC68HC705KJ PF10K130EQC SLXT914QCC4
BUP307 DBL1052 IRG4PH50U 74LCX574WM ESM740 MC68HC705KJ PF10K130EQI SLXT6234QEA
IRG4BC30K LA1050 MC68HC000FN 74LCX574MTC 2N951 MC68HC705JP PF10K200EBC SLXT6051QEA
IRG4BC30UD TDA1048 IRG4PH40U 74LCX573WM 2N949 MC68HC705JJ PF10K200EFC SB82380FB
IRG4BC40U CXA1047 IRG4PH20K 74LCX573MTC 2N948 MC68HC705JJ PF10K200SBC SB82371SBSU
IRG4IBC20KD CXA1047M IRG4PC50UD 74LCX541WMX 2N930 MC68HC705J1 PF10K200SBC SB80L188EC1
IRG4PC40UD CXA1046 IRG4PC50KD 74LCX541WM 2N929A MC68HC705C9 PF10K200SBI SB80L188EB1
IRG4PC40W DBL1046 IRG4PC50K 74LCX541MTC 2N891 MC68HC705C9 PF10K200SFC SB80486DX2S
IRG4PC50U CXA1045 74LS14D 74LCX241MTC 2N890 MC68HC705C9 PF10K200SFC SB21150AC
IRG4PC50W DBL1045 IRG4PC50F 74LCX241MTC 2N889 MC68HC705C9 PF10K200SFC SA1111DEVMO
IRG4PH40K TDA1044 IRG4PC40FD 74LCX240WM 2N888 MC68HC705C8 PF10K200SRC S82557
IRG4PH40KD UPC1043C IRG4PC30UD 74HCT4020E 2N887 MC68HC705C8 PF10K200SRC S80C51FA1SF
IRG4PH50UD CXA1042 IRG4PC30U 74HCT165DT3 2N885 MC68HC705C8 PF10K200SRC S80C196NP25
IRGB420UD2 CXA1042M IRG4PC30KD 74AHC14D 2N884 MC68HC705C8 PF10K30EQC2 S80C196KC20
IRGBC30K LM1042N IRG4PC30FD BY20316STR 2N883 MC68HC705C8 PF10K50SFI4 S80C196KB16
IRGBC40K LM1040 IRG4BC40W BY203/20STA 2N882 MC68HC705C4 PF10K50SQC2 S21152BB
IRGBC40U STK1040 IRG4BC40F BY203/16STA 2N881 MC68HC705B1 PFR851   RK80532PE05
IRGPC50U LT1039CN MC14161B BFR91A 2N880 MC68HC705B1 PFR854   RK80530RY00
IRGPH40KD2S TDA1037 IRG4BC30KDS BF622T1 2N879 MC68HC705B1 PG1102W   RK80530RY00
IRGPH50F TDA1037D IRG4BC20UDS BF569GS08 2N878 MC68HC56/57 PH2222A   RJ80530UZ80
IXGH128IIGB CXA1035P IRG4BC20U BD435 2N877 MC68HC16ZUM PH2222A   RJ80530KZ93
MG50Q6ES1IG DBL1035 IRG4BC20S BD379 2N876 MC68HC16Z3B PH2369   RJ80530KZ80
TF1205 LM1035 IRG4BC20KD BCP5516 2N718 MC68HC16Z1C PH5416   RG82845SL5Y
2SA1012 TDA1035SB IRG4BC20FD BAR141E6327 2N706 MC68HC16Y1U PHE13007   REPXA210B1C
2SC1969 UPC1035C IRG4BC20F 74LV14PW 2N696 MC68HC11VFN PHT6N06LTT3 RC82540EM
2SC2761 CXA1034P IRG4BC15UD- 74HCT164D 2N686 MC68HC11PH8 PIC12CE5190 RC28F640J3A
2SC3309 DBL1034 IRG4BC15UDL 74HC253D 2N682 MC68HC11MRG PIC1650A532 RC28F320C3T
2SC458C CXA1033P IRG4BC15UD 2SC4118Y(TE 2N6740 MC68HC11L6R PIC16C54A20 RC28F256K3C
2SC4754 CXA1033S IRG4BC10UD 1PMT5.0AT1 2N6739 MC68HC11KW1 PIC16C57C04 RC28F160F3T
2SD325 DBL1032D IRFZ48V BYV28200A52 2N6734 MC68HC11KTS PIC16C57HS RC28F128K18
2SD350 LT1032CN 18TQ045 BYV28200A52 2N6729 MC68HC11KA4 PIC16C62B04 RC28F128J3C
BD246C CXA1031M IRFZ44V CD74HC564M 2N6728 MC68HC11K4R PIC16C71004 RB80526RY85
BD330K MM1031XS TL495IN BZG048V2TR 2N6714 MC68HC11K4/ PIC16C7304P RB80526RX73
BDY72 UPC1031 N82S123AN BZG0462TR 2N6649 MC68HC11K1V PIC16C73B04 RB80526RX56
BF241 IX1030CE S82S09I BZG0430TR 2N6648 MC68HC11K1C PIC16C73B04 RB80526PZ73
BSY95 MM1030 XC68HC705P9 BZG0427TR 2N6593 MC68HC11K1C PIC16C73B04 RB80526PZ73
BU326S DBL1027 Z80SIO/9BI BZG0424TR 2N6584 MC68HC11K0C PIC16F62704 RB80526PY85
BU4522AX DBL1026 IRFZ24NSTRL BZG0415TR 2N6581 MC68HC11G5/ PIC16F73ISP RB80526PY80
BUX14 SAA1025 IRFZ24NB BZG0412TR 2N6565 MC68HC11F1C PIC16F76ISP RB80526PY75
ESM16 TMS1025N2 IRFZ24N BZG0410TR 2N6564 MC68HC11F1C PIC16F8410P RB80526PY70
2N2647 CXA1024S IRFZ24A BZG03C75T1 2N6563 MC68HC11F1C ML4824CP1   RB80526PY70
2N489A TMS1024NL IRFZ14A BZG03C68T3 2N6562 MC68HC11F1C PIC16F87604 PA28F400BVB
BTA140-600B 1023S IRFY044CM BZG03C220T3 2N6560 MC68HC11ERG PIC16F877A- PA28F008SA1
BTA140-800 UPC1023H IRFW840ATM BZG03C180T3 2N6544 MC68HC11E1V PIC17C42A33 1DI150GE100
BTA26-700B DBL1021 IRFW740BTM BZG03C100T1 2N6542 MC68HC11E1M PIC18F252IS GT80J101
BTA41-600B LT1021D IRFW640ATM BFP183TGS08 2N6519 MC68HC11E1C PKD01FP   P87C251SB16
BTB24-700B UPC1021 IRFUC20 BAR161E6327 2N6518 MC68HC11E1C PKD01FY   P82C42PCR71
BTB41-700B IX1020AFZZ IRFU9310 74HC4002N 2N6516 MC68HC11E1C PLMASTERBLA VCU2136A
T4012NK MA1020 IRFU9210 74HC157PWT3 2N6515 MC68HC11E0C PLMJ932084   VCU2133APLC
T6420M TDA1020 IRFU9120N 74HC02PW 2N6499 MC68HC11E0C PLMT7000144 UAA1009
TIC263D TEA1020 IRFU9110 BFP193TGS08 2N6496 MC68HC11E0C PLUCDROM0V TPU2735
TIC263M CXA1019M IRFU9014 BFP181TGS08 2N6495 MC68HC11D3R PM7064AEFC1 TPU2732
2N6073 CXA1019P IRFU430BTUB BF909RT1 2N6486 MC68HC11D3/ PM7064AETC1 TDA9403
2N6075A DBL1019 IRFU310BTU 74HCT377D 2N6478 MC68HC11D0C PM7064STC10 TDA9400
2N6342 DBL1018 IRFU220N 4N373S 2N6477 MC68HC11D0C PM7128AEFC1 TDA1950N
BT136-500E UPC1018C IRFU210 1SV276(TPH3 2N6476 MC68HC11D0C PM7128AEFC1 TDA1950F
BT137-500E DBL1017 IRFU120N CD4556BE 2N6468 MC68HC11A8/ PM7128AETC1 TDA1950
BT137-500F TEA1017 IRFU120ATU CD4555BE 2N6467 MC68HC11A1C PM7128AETC1 TDA1940F
BT137-600E DBL1016 IRFU1205 D125BP 2N6438 MC68HC11A0P PM7128SQC10 TDA1701
BT137800E FN1016 IRFU120 BZG03C27T1 2N6379 MC68HC05X16 PM7256AEFC1 TDA1236
BT137-800F FP1016 IRFU110 BA319 2N6376 MC68HC05T10 PM7256AETC1 TDA1044
BT137-600F TDA1016 IRFU014 BSR43T1 2N6375 MC68HC05P9/ PM7256AETC1 TCA250
BT138-600 UPC1016 IRFS840BT BSR40T1 2N6374 MC68HC05K1/ PM7512AEBC2 TBA2800
BT138-600F DBL1014 IRFS730A BSR33T1 2N6372 MC68HC05C9/ PM7512AEBC2 TBA120B
BT138F600 CXA1013S IRFS450B BBY5603WE63 2N6351 MC68HC001FN PM7512AEBI2 SN76533N
BT139-800 TDA1013A IRFS450A 74VHC175MTC 2N6329 MC68HC001FN PM7512AEFC2 SAA1941
BT139-800BF TDA1013B IRFS350A 74VHC164MTC 2N6328 MC68HC000RC PM7512AEFC2 SAA1294
BT139F800B CXA1012S IRFRC20TR 74VHC164M 2N6327 MC68HC000RC PM7512AEQC2 SAA1278
BTA06-400T DBL1011 IRFRC20 74VHC139MTC 2N6326 MC68HC000RC PM7512AETC1 SAA1276
BTA08-400C DBL1010 IRFR9310 74LVX132MTC 2N6323 MC68HC000FN PM7512BTC14 SAA1272C
BTA08-600CW TDA1010 IRFR9220TR 74LVX132MTC 2N6318 MC68HC000FN PM7528HP   SAA1272B
BTA16-600B DBL1009 IRFR9220 74LVX132M 2N6317 MC68HC000FN PM7543FS   SAA1272A
BTB04-400AD LSC1008 IRFR9220 74ACT573SC 2N6314 MC68HC000CR PM7548FS   SAA1270
BTB06400C UPC1008C IRFR9120T 74ACT251SCX 2N6312 74F160 PMBD6100T1 SAA1251
BTB06-400D PD1007 IRFR9120NTR 74ACT109SCX 2N6308 MM74C00N PMBF170T1   SAA1176
BTB08-400C JBL1006 IRFR9110 74ACT109SC 2N6285 74HCT154 PMBFJ110T1 SAA1124
BTB08600S SAA1006 IRFR9024NTR 74AC373SC 2N6281 74AC10 PMBFJ177T1 SAA1121
BTB08-700C CXA1005 IRFR9024N = 74AC373PC 2N6276 SN74160N PMBT2222AT1 SAA1075
BTB12-400B STRD1005 IRFR9020 74AC240PC 2N6275 SN74162N PMBT2369T1 SAA1075
M12JZ47 TDA1004 IRFR9014TR 74AC157PC 2N6261 SN74166 PMBT2907AT1 SAA1073
MAC218AG UPC1004C IRFR9014 74AC109SCX 2N6254 SN74167N PMBT2907AT3 SAA1073
MAC97A6 = M KTC1003 IRFR5410 74AC109SC 2N6253 SN74179N PMBT3904T1 SAA1010
MAC97A8 PD1002 IRFR5305TRL 74AC109MTC 2N6250 SN74180 PMBT3906LT SAA1008
Q6015L5 SVI1002 IRFR5305 1SV229(TPH3 2N6235 SN74181N PMBT3906T1 SAA1000X
TAG232600 K1001(SONY) IRFR430BTMB 1SS315(TPH3 2N6234 SN74184J PMBTA13T1   S2061D
TIC206D PD1001 IRFR420T_R4 BAR43FILM 2N6233 MTD2003F PMBTA14T1   TDA8153
TIC226D SVI1001 IRFR420T BF543E6327 2N6231 SN74221 PMBTA42T1   TDA4610
TIC226M TMS1000 IRFR420BTMB 74LV74D 2N6217 SN74279 PMBTA64=SMB TDA1770
TIC236M TMS1000SmAl IRFR420A BYT56KTAP 2N6215 74S299N PMBTA92T1   SPLSI1048E5
BC548B 2SD998-O PS7341-1A BSS98E6325 2N6192 SN74365 PMBTH10T1   SPLSI1048E1
BC807-25 TBA990Q IRFR4105 BSP123E6327 2N6191 SN74367 PMBTH81T1   SPLSI1048C7
PS7341-1A ECG949 IRFR410 BFR193E6327 2N6187 SN74390 PMBZ5228BT1 SPLSI1032E1
BC846B AN915 IRFR3910 BF623T1 2N6170 DF320DP PMLL4148LT1 SPLSI1016E1
BC848B LM903N IRFR3711 BF621T1 2N6168 VH448X PMLL4150T1 SPLSI101611
BC856B AN902 IRFR3707 BDP950E6327 2N6165 MC14560BCP PMLL5246BT1 SPGDX160V7B
BC857B ECG900 IRFR3704 BDP949E6327 2N6162 SN74192N PN2369A   SPGAL22V10C
BC858B CX877 IRFR3505 BBY51E6327 2N6161 74F244D  SM PRLL5817T1   SPGAL22V10C
DP104C BA876 IRFR320ATM BAS79DE6327 2N6160 74S572 PRLL5819T1   SPGAL22LV10
1211 IX0876 IRFR320 BAS79CE6327 2N6146 74HC08D PT82C206FN SI8840110LB
4003 BAL872 IRFR2405 74VHC139MX 2N6145 74HC283B1 PXT2222AT1   SI2128A80LT
6018 CX870A IRFR220T3 74VHC139M 2N6132 74F377D PXT2907A   SI2096E100L
6019 BA867 IRFR220ATM 74LV32PWT3 2N6129 SN74185N PZT2222AT1   SI2096E100L
6139 TAA861A IRFR210BTFF 74LV32PW 2N6128 SN74190N PZT2907A   SI2064V100L
9013 BA858 IRFR18N15D 74HCT390D 2N6125 FLJ181 PZT2907AT1   SI2064E100L
9014 UPD857 MG150Q2YS1 74HCT257D 2N6124 HFA15TB60 PZTA14T1   SI2032A150L
9016 BA856 IRFR1205 74HCT253DT3 2N6121 CTB24 PZTA42   POWR60401T4
TEC9018 BA855A IRFR120N 74HCT251DT3 2N6111 BY509 PZTA42T1   POWR120801T
15110 BA852 IRFR110 74HC4020D 2N6109 IRFK6JC50 PZTA44T1   PLSI103260L
17022 DN852P IRFR014 74HC251D 2N6108 3CH40/281 PZTA92T1   PGDX1605Q20
17023 DN850 IRFR010 74AHCT245PW 2N6099 3CH40/29 QCPL0456   PGAL22V10C1
17031 BA847 IRFPG50 74AHC245PWT 2N6050 IRG4PH50KD QCPL4539   PGAL22V10C1
17032 TMM842 IRFPG40 74AHC245PW 2N6049 CD4547/MC14 QDSP4985   PGAL22V10C1
17033 MX0841B IRFPG30 74AHC244PWT 2N6043 IRKT162/12 QFBR1607   PGAL22LV107
17052 DN838 IRFPE50 74AHC244PW 2N6041 IRKT142/12 QFBR2478   PGAL22LV107
17052 DAC0832LCN IRFPE40 74ACT374SC 2N6038 P175 QFBR5335   PGAL22LV101
17053 TCA830S IRFPE30 74ACT373SC 2N6035 P175 QL202YD   PALLV22V10Z
17058 BA829 IRFPC50LC 74ACT245SC 2N6034 SKDT100/12 QLCPM096   PALLV22V107
17064 BA823 SP233ACT 74ACT245MTC 2N6032 SKDT100/14 QLMAQH48#01 PALLV22V101
17064 ECG821 IRFP9150 74ACT244SC 2N6029 SKDT100/04 QLMAQL46#01 PALLV22V101
17065 BA820 XR2209CP 74ACT244MTC 2N5960 SKDT100/12 QLMCA005D00 PALLV16V8Z2
17065 TBA820-14 IRFP450A 74ACT241SCX 2N5956 SLA7051 QLMCA009   PALLV16V8Z2
17074 TBA820L SN75107AN 74ACT241SC 2N5953 PTB250 800 QLMCP002PQ0 PALCE610H25
17075 U820B MC3487N 74ACT240SC 2N5952 MSA180Q43 QLMCP003OPB PALCE610H15
17082 FN812 M27C64Q150 74ACT125PC 2N5950 PD100C40 QLMCP011UVB PALCE29M16H
17083 TBA810AS IRFP3710 74AC374SCX 2N5949 PW100C40  P QLMP1706   PALCE26V12H
17086 ADC0809CCN IRFP340 74AC374SC 2N5939 PK110F40 QLMPJ389   PALCE26V12H
17089 ADC0808CCN IRFP340 74AC373SCX 2N5912 PK160F60 QLMPK343   PALCE26V12H
17089 DAC0808L IRFP31N50L 74AC273MTC 2N5884 MSG100L43 QLMPK479   PALCE24V10H
17120 IX0808CE IRFP2907 74AC245SC 2N5882 PW80C40 PAC QLMPP395#01 PALCE24V10H
17127 BA806 IRFP264 74AC244SC 2N5875 PK90F40 QLMPQ143   PALCE22V10Z
40081 ADC0805LCN IRFP254B_FP 74AC244MTC 2N5873 PTB90 800 QLMPS561   PALCE22V10Z
40233 S80745AN IRFP254A 74AC241SCX 2N5867 IRKD196 08 QSDLE111#00 PALCE22V10Z
40237 ADC0804LCN IRFP250B_FP 74AC241SC 2N5839 P165 QSDLE119#02 PALCE22V10Z
40245 ADC0803LCN 75175 74AC240SCX 2N5838 P165 QSMAC198   PALCE22V10Z
40250 ECG803 IRFP22N60K 74AC240SC 2N5830 2SK3244 R6503AP   PALCE22V10Q
40312 DAC0801L IRFP22N50A 74ABT125N 2N5827 FS16SM-10 R6522AP   PALCE22V10H
40313 DAC0800LCJ STK392-150 BFR182E6327 2N5815 2SK266 R65451P   PALCE22V10H
40316 IX0800 IRFP044 BD676 2N5809 2SK14 R6545EAP   PALCE22V10H
40317 TBA800 IRFM9140 BCP28E6327 2N5808 CEB6030L R6551AP   PALCE22V10H
40318 ESM797 IRFL9110 74F257A 2N5807 2SK3296 R665320   PALCE22V10H
40319 STK795 IRFL9014TR 74F162ASC 2N5806 2SK560 RC4558P   PALCE22V10H
40321 STK791 IRFL4310 BZG03C33T1 2N5785 MPF930 RCD1647B6   PALCE22V10H
40322 ECG786 IRFL4105 74LVX32MTR 2N5783 SSS7N60A RD39ET4   PALCE22V10H
40327 TCA785 IRFL210 BY328A52R 2N5759 FS10UM-5 REF01AZ883C PALCE22V10H
40346 UA/LM783 IRFL110 BY328A52A 2N5757 IXFH9N80 REF01CS   PALCE22V10H
40347 UPD780C/1 IRFL014 BF417 2N5756 FS3TM REF01EZ   PALCE20V8Q2
40348 UA/LM776 IRFIZ48N BD442 2N5755 2SK1006 REF01HP   PALCE20V8Q2
40349 IX0771 IRFIZ44N MM5738M 2N5754 IRFI9Z34G REF02AZ   PALCE20V8Q1
40360 KA3S0765R IRFIZ24N BD438 2N5742 IRFPS37N50A REF02CP   PALCE20V8Q1
40362 UPD765AC IRFIBE30G BD190 2N5738 TCRT1000 REF02CS   PALCE20V8H7
2SK2850 TCA760 IRFIBC40G BD189 2N5731 PC123 REF02CSREEL PALCE20V8H5
40406 ECG752 IRFIBC30G BD129 2N5728 PS2652 REF02EZ   PALCE20V8H2
40407 BA741 IRFIB7N50A BD128 2N5727 TLP250 REF02HP   PALCE20V8H1
40408 LM741CH IRFI9640G BD127 2N5726 KBû2885SGW REF02HZ   PALCE20V8H1
40409 ECG734 IRFI9540G BD127 2N5725 KBû2870SGW REF03GP   PALCE20V8H1
40410 IX0731CE IRFI9530G BC160=SF018 2N5724 KBû2855SGW REF03GS   PALCE16V8Z2
40411 STK730-070 IRFI840G AN2350S 2N5723 KBû2835SGW REF192ES   PALCE16V8Z2
40429 STK730C IRFI830G 74VHCT240AM 2N5722 KBû2820SGW REF192FS   PALCE16V8Z2
40432 KA723 IRFI820G 74VHC161M 2N5721 KBû2800SGW REF192GS   PALCE16V8Z2
40440 ECG721 IRFI740G 74LV32DT3 2N5720 KBû2785YW REF193GS   PALCE16V8Z2
40486 IX0720 IRFI730G 74LS43N 2N5719 KBû2770YW REF194GS   PALCE16V8Z1
40542 ECG718 IRFI720G 74HC4002PW 2N5716 KBû2755YW REF194GSREE PALCE16V8Z1
40544 BA715 IRFI630G 74ACT244PC 2N5682 KBû2735YW REF195ES   PALCE16V8Q2
40594 IX0715CE IRFI540N 74AC161SC 2N5681 HCPL2731 REF195FS   PALCE16V8Q2
40595 BA714 IRFI540G 3N247 2N5676 HCPL2730á REF195GP   PALCE16V8Q2
40611 IX0711CE IRFI530N 2SC1162 2N5672 KBû2720YW REF195GS   PALCE16V8Q2
40613 LM711N IRFI3205 2SA931 2N5671 KBû2700YW REF196GS   PALCE16V8Q1
40616 ECG710 IRFI1310N BYG50MT1 2N5670 KBû2685EW REF198GP   PALCE16V8H5
40621 LM710CH IRFI1010N 74LVX374MX 2N5656 KBû2655EW REF198GS   PALCE16V8H2
40625 ECG709 IRFF9130 74LVX374M 2N5655 KBû2635EW REF43GP   PALCE16V8H2
40632 ECG707 IRFF230 74LVX373MX 2N5654 KBû2620EW REF43GS   PALCE16V8H1
40636 S707 IRFF220 74LVX04M 2N5653 HCPL2630 LT1014IS8   PALCE16V8H1
40673 ECG706 IRFE9130 74AHC74PWT3 2N5649 MCL2601áá ADG431BN   PALCE16V8H1
40739 ECG705 IRFD9220 74ACT257SCX 2N5629 HCPL2601á RFR220   PAL22V107PC
40742 ECG705A IRFD9210 4N35X000 2N5628 KBû2600EW RGP15G   PAL22V107JC
40743 M705B IRFD9024 4N33X000 2N5627 HCPL2531 RT930   PAL22V1015J
40744 IX0703CE IRFD9014 4N28X000 2N5626 KMû2520YD0 RT950   PAL22V1010J
40747 L702B IRFD310 4N26X000 2N5625 KMû2520SRD RTL8019AS   PAL20R8ACNS
40751 SAE0700 MC26LS30D 4N25X000 2N5624 KMû2520YD0 S1210   PAL20R87PC
40804 MC693P MAX236 BFG505XT1 2N5622 KMû2520SRD S1616   PAL20R85JC
40820 IX0692CE TUSB5052 74LVC27DB 2N5621 KMû2520SGD S1A2206D01D PAL20R67JC
40821 BA689 MAX237 74LVC27D 2N5615 KMû2520SGD S1G   PAL20L810/2
40822 IX0689 IRFD024 74LVC11PWT3 2N5609 KMû2520ID0 S1J   PAL16R8ACN
40842 BA682 FLJ361 74LVC11D 2N5607 KMû2520ID0 S1M   PAL16R87PC
40902 BA682SMD IRFC450 74AHCT74PWT 2N5605 KBû2500SGW S1M   PAL16R85JC
41015 IX0675CE IRFBF20 74AHCT74PW 2N5584 KBû2450YW S2000AFI   PAL16R6ACN
41500 S673 LM3302P BUZ32 2N5573 TLUY2401 S2000N   PAL16R67JC
41501 TBA673 TD62082AP BF999E6327 2N5572 TLUG2401 S2055N   PAL16R65PC
65068 BA668 LM2901D BF908T1 2N5571 TLUO2400 S250   PAL16R65JC
25182901 LAG665 C46CM6 FK10KM-12 2N5568 TLUR2400 S2530A   PAL16R47JC
31800601 NE652 IRFB59N10D MC/CD14174D 2N5567 TLUY2400 S29C94   PAL16R44JC
48139674 LAG637 IRFB38N20D 74VHCT138AM 2N5566 TLUG2400 S594TGS08   PAL16L8DCNL
48869135 BA634 IRF9Z34S 74VHCT138AM 2N5563 KBû2350EW S7235   PAL16L8BCNL
48869257 LAG634 IRF9Z24STRL 74VHC153MTC LM2675N-5.0 KBû2300EW S80   PAL16L84JC
48869404 BA631 IRF9Z14 74VCX08M 2N5491 Lû2060YD S802DH   PACSYSTEM20
48869600 MAX631 IRF9956 74VCX00MTC 2N5488 Lû2060ID S80C15425:R PACSYSPOWR1
70483180 PE STRS6302 IRF9953 74LVX374MTC 2N5468 Lû2060HD S81230AG   OR2T04A4T14
90122501 U624 IRF9640S 74LVX373MTC 2N5442 Lû2060GD S868TGS08   OR2C15A4S20