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FPT102 AN5856K LGT770L1M21 74VHCT74AMT TC9153AP M67727 BSP52T1   IRF9510
FPT120 AN5850 LGT770K1L11 74VHCT74AMT TC9148P M67728 BSP60T1   IRF9521
FPT131 STRS5841 LGT679F1G21 74VHCT14AMT TC8521AP M67730L BSP61   IRF9531
FPT132 M5840A84 LGT679E1F11 74VHCT14AMT TC8521AM(EL M67731 BSP61T1   IRF9632
FPT500 SM5840CS LGT676P2Q22 74VHC86MX TC7WZU04FK( M67732UH BSP62T1   IRF9Z14
FPT501 AN5836 LGT672Q1R21 74VHC86MTCX TC7WZ74FU(T M67732SH BSP89   IRF9Z20
FPT510 AN5835 LGT672P1Q11 74VHC86MTC TC7WZ38FU(T M67732LA BSP89T1   IRFBAE30
FPT520 TDA5835 LGT671L2N11 74VHC86M TC7WZ38FK(T M67732 BSR12T1   IRFBC42
FPT540 AN5821 LGT671K2L21 74VHC74MX TC7WZ34FU(T M67736 BSR14   IRFIZ24
FPT550 CXK5816 LGT670L1M21 74VHC74MTC TC7WZ34FK(T M67741L BSR14   IRFJ120
FPT560 KS5815 LGT670L1 74VHC74M TC7WZ32FU(T M67741H BSR15T1   IRFJ420
FPT570 GL5808 LGR971LM 74VHC1GU04D TC7WZ32FK(T M67742 BSR16T1   DM65176BD
FPT610 AN5791 LGR971KL 74VHC14MX TC7WZ08FU(T M67743L BSR17A   IRFK6H150
FPT700 AN5790N LGR971 74VHC14MTCX TC7WZ05FU(T M67743H BSR18A   2sc3600
FRD012 FT5764 LGN971 74VHC14MTC TC7WZ05FK(T M67746 BSR19   SN65176P
FRE220 AN5763 LGM670J2K21 74VHC14M TC7WZ02FU(T M67748LR BSR19AT1   IRFK6JC50
FRE22072 FT5763 LGM47KG1J12 74S381 TC7WZ00FU(T M67748UH BSR20T1   IRFLI540G
FRE380 AN5760 LGM47KG1H12 74S197 TC7WZ00FK(T M67748L BSR30T1   IRFP250F
FRE38072 AN5755 LGK382R 74S15 TC7WU04F(TE M67748HR BSR33T1   IRFP441
GE3009 AN5753 LGK380P 74S136 TC7WH157FU( M67748H BSR43T1   IRFP448
GE3010 AN5733 LGK380NR 74S132 TC7W74FU(TE M67749ULR BSR58   IRFP451
GE3020 AN5732 LGK380N 74S08 TC7W14FU(TE M67749UHR BSS123   IRFP452
GEPS2001 AN5730 LGK380LP 74L26 TC7W14F(TE1 M67749UH BSS123   IRFP453
GFH6001 AN5720 LGC870JM 74HCT85 TC7W125FU(T M67749SLR BSS123T1   IRFP460IR
GFH6002 STK5720 LGA670L1M21 2SC3399 TC7W08FU(TE M67749SL BSS138   IRFP460LC
GFH6003 STRS5718 LGA670L1 2SC2878 TC7W08F(TE1 M67749SHR BSS138T1   IRFPC40
GL528 STV5715D LGA670K1L11 2SC2060 TC7W04F(TE1 M67749SH BSS63   IRFPE40
GP1A01 AN5712 LG5480GKE75 2SA608 TC7SZU04AFE M67749MR BSS83T1   IRFR210
H11A1 TEA5712SMD LG5469G CD74HCT132M TC7SZ32AFE( M67749M BSS84T1   IRFR210
H11A3 AN5710 LG5469 CD74HCT132M TC7SZ125FU( M67749LR BSS87T1   IRFS630
H11A5100 STRS5708 LG5460J CD74HCT132E TC7SZ125F(T M67749L KA2913   IRFS720
H11A520 STRS5706 LG5410R BA124 TC7SZ08AFE( M67749HR BSS92RA   IRFS730
H11A550 TEA5704 LG5410PS BYW32TAP TC7SZ05FU(T M67749H BSS98   IRFS840
H11A590 AN5703 LG5410MQ BYV26ETAP TC7SZ00FU(T M67749GL BST120   IRFS9630
H11AG3 AN5700 LG5380K BYD17GT3 TC7ST32FU(T M67749EL BST15T1   IRFSZ45
H11AS100 LA5700 LG5380H BYD17DT1 TC7SH32FU(T M67754 BST16T1   IRFU9024
H11B1 CA5668 LG5380GK BSY18 TC7SH04FU(T M67755L BST39T1   IRFZ10
H11B2 LA5668 LG5360K BSS131E6327 TC7SET04FU( M67755HA BST40T1   IRFZ11
H11B21 LA5667 LG3380 BF479 TC7SET02FU( M67759 BST52T1   IRFZ12
H11C1 LA5655 LG3369FJ BF479 TC7S66F(T5L M67760LC BST60T1   IRFZ24N
H11C2 STRS5641 LG3369EH BF450 TC7S32F(T5L M67760LA BST61T1   IRFZ40S
H11C3 AN5636 LG3360L BF343 TC7S14F(TE8 M67764 BST62T1   IRG4IBC30UD
H11C4 AN5633K LG3360KN BCR410WE632 TC7S14F(T5L M67766A BST82T1   IRGP440UD2
H11CA STK5633 LG3360K BB565E7908 TC7S08F(TE8 M67769C BST84T1   IRGPC50U
H11F3 STK5632 LG3360HL 74LCX14 TC7S08F(T5R M67775 BSV52   IRKH5612
H11J1 TDA5632 LG3360GKE75 2N5462 TC7S08F(T5L M67776L BSV52T   IRKH9112
H11J3 STK5631 LG3360GK 2N5460 TC7S04F(TE8 M67776H BSX20   IRKT14212
H11J5 TEA5630 LG3341M 1SMB5931BT3 TC7S00FU(TE UPD16312GB BSX20   IRKT16204
H11L1 AN5620K LG3330N 1SMA5938BT3 TC7S00F(TE8 M67781L 74C909N   IRKT250/12
H11L2 LA5618 LFOO1470 1N5819RL TC7S00F(T5L M67781H CY62256LL70 IRKT250/16
H11M2 LA5617 LF90CDT BCX5616E632 TC74VHC74FT M67785H BT148-500   IRKT4104
H11N2 LA5616 LF85CPT BCX5516E632 TC74VHC244F M67785 BT149D   IRKT4112
H1382 AN5615 LF85CDT BCX5116E632 TC74VHC14FT M67796 AT89S52-24P IRKT4116
H13A1 AN5613 LF80CPT BYG20GTR TC74VHC139F M67797 L512F   IRLD110
H13B1 LA5613 LF80CDT 74LCX86MTC TC74VHC10FT M67798LRA F1892SD1600 IRLIZ24N
H13B2 AN5612 LF60CV 74LCX74MX TC74VHC05FT M67798LA F1892DH1200 IRLZ44A
H15A1 LA5611 LF60CDT 74LCX74MTCX TC74HCT574A M67799UHA F1857HD1200 IT213
H21A1 AN5610N LF52CPT 74LCX74MTC TC74HC7266A M67799SHA CTA16-600B   IXGH20N60AU
H21A2 AN5606K LF52ABDT 74LCX74M TC74HC592AP M67799MB PI7SFLCX14   IXGN200N60A
H21A5 LA5603 LF50CV 74LCX14MTCX TC74HC32AFN M67799MA T30NM-12DU J108
H21B1 AN5601K LF50CV 74LCX14M TC74HC155AP M67799LA T70QM-12DU J109
H21B4 TEA5594 LF50CPT 74LCX02MX TC74HC11AFN M67799HA 16HFR60   J111
H22A1 TEA5582 LF50CPT 74LCX02MTC TC74ACT112F MC68000P12 BTS611L1   J112
H24A1 TEA5581 LF50CP 1SMB5941BT3 TC74AC640FW MC68HC11M2 BTW134W500T J202
H24A2 LA5537 LF50ABPT BZA456AT1 TC74AC573FW MC68121 BU1508AXB   J203
H74A1 LA5536 LF50ABDT BYW55A52R TC74AC00P MC68160FB BU1508DXB   J210
H74C1 AN5532 LF50ABDT BYV36CA52R TC6358TB(Z) 68331CFC16 BU1706AB   J214
H74C2 AN5531 LF47CV BYG20JTR TC58NS256DC MC68HC705KJ BU205   J271
HA1142G AN5530K LF444MD/883 BSS7728VIST TC58FVB800F MC68HC705J2 BU205   J305
HA1143G LA5530 LF444CMX BFR93AT1 TC58FVB641F MC68701CS-0 3SK77   J308
HA1144GR GL5529 LF444CM BFR93AE6327 TC58FVB321F M68702L BU2506DF   J309
HA1181R LA5525 LF442MH/883 BFR92WE6327 TC58256AFT M68702H BU2506DFB   J310SMD
HA1182G LA5524 LF442AMH BFR92T1 TC571000D20 M68703SHA BU2506DXB   J411
HA1184R LA5522V LF412MJ/883 BFR92PE6327 TC55W800FT7 M68703M BU2507AFB   J449
HA11A4 NE5517AN LF412MH/883 BFR92AT1 TC55V400FT8 M68703LA BU2507AXB   JE9013
HA11A5 KS5514B06 LF412CH BCX56T1 TC55V16256F M68703HA BU2507DXB   JF1033
HCD820 NE5514 LF412CDR BCX5616T1 TC55V16100F MC68HC705BD BU2508AF   JR40RCS100
HCPL4100 AN5512 LF412CD BCX5616E632 TC55V1001AF MC68HC705 BU2508AFB   K1050E70
HD1075G LA5512 LF412ACN BCX5610T1 TC55V040FT8 MC68705U3L BU2508AXB   K1100E70
HD1075R TSA5512 LF411MH/883 BCX55T1 TC554161AFT MC68705U3CS BU2508DF   K1200E70
HD1077G TSA5511 LF411CP BCX5516T1 C46CM1 MC68705R3CP BU2508DFB   K1300E70
HD1077R TSA5511T LF411CN BCX5416T1 TC55257DPI8 MC68705P3CS BU2508DWB K1400E70
HD1134Y TSA5510T LF411CN BCX5410T1 TC55257DFL8 M68706H BU2508DXB   K1500E70
HG1133G CXL5504M LF411ACN BCX5316T1 TC55257DFL7 M68707L BU2515AFB   K16031
HLMP4700 5501 IRFP250A BCX5216T1 TC55257DFI8 M68707 BU2515AXB   K2000F1
HLMP4719 STK5487 LF398M BCX5210T1 TC551001CTR M68710UL BU2515DFB   K2200F1
HOA1873-13 STK5483 LF398D BCX51T1 TC551001CTR MC66710P-18 2SK2876   K2400F11A
HOA2004001 STK5479 LF398AN BCX51E6327 TC551001CFT M68710TL BU2520DFB   K2500F1
HOA860155 STK5478 MC34261P BCX5116T1 TC551001CF8 M68710UH BU2522AFB   K3000F1
HP4502 STK5477 LF356MX BCX5110T1 TC551001CF7 M68710SL BU2525AFB   K602
IL10 STK5476 LF356H BCP6925T1 TC551001CF7 M68710L BU2525AWB KA1015
IL100 STK5473 LF356BH BB659C02VE7 TC551001CF5 M68712N BU2525AX   KA1418
IL12 STK5467 CTUG3D BB639E7904 TC551001CF5 M68719 BU2525DFB   KA2S0680
IL15 STK5461 LF353M BAT6407WE63 TC5501D M68721 BU2527AFB   KA2S0880
IL202 STK5443 APT15D60K BAS7002WE63 TC5012BP M68729 BU2527AXB   KASP92
IL203 STK5441 LM1489AN BAS40 TC4W53FU(TE M68731L BU2722AFB   KCT9013A
IL251 AN5436N LF347MX BAR43CFILM TC4SU69F(TE M68731N BU406   KCT9014A
IL505 STK5436 LF347D BAR43CFILM TC4S81F(TE8 M68731HM BU4508AFB   KCT9016A
IL74 L5431 LF347BN BAR43AFILM TC4S71F(T5L M68731H BU4525AX   KN2907
ILA30 STK5431 LF347BD BAR43AFILM TC4S69F(T5L M68732SLA BU4530AW   KRC111M
ILA55 STK5422 LF33CV BA595E6327 TC4S584F(TE M68732UH BU500   KSA6340
ILCA230 AN5421 LF33CV 74VHCT32AM TC4S01F(T5L M68732SL BU505   KSA709CY
ILD74 BA5415 LF33CPT 74VHCT00AM TC4052BP(N) M68732SH BU505DF   KSA733L
ILQ1 BA5413 LF33CDT 74VHC32M TC4050BFNEL M68732LA BU506   KSC1008
ILQ5 AN5411 LF33ABPT 74VHC1GT04D TC4011BFN(N M68732L BU506DF   KSC1008Y
IR204 BA5410 LF33ABPT 74VHC08M TC35310F M68732H BU506DF   KSC1674
IR333 BA5404 LF30CV 74VHC05M TC35098AP M68732HA ADF4116BRU KSC2328AY
ISD74 BA5402A LF30CPT 74VHC04M TB6551F M68732EH BU508AFB   KSC2330Y
ISQ1 TDA5400-2 LF298M 74VHC02M TB62717F(J) M68739R BU508AFI   KSC388CY
ISQ74 STK5392 LF298H 74VHC00M TB62715FN(E M68739M TCA3727G   KSC945CY
ITAC3730 STK5383 LF25CV 74V1T86STR TB62713F M68749 BU508AWB   KSC945L
K170P MM5378A LF25CV 74AHCT74D TB62709N M68750 BU508AX   KSD362
K3010 STK5372 LF25CPT 74AHC86D TB62705CF M68751R BU508AXB   KSD764
K5210 STK5371 LF25CPT 74AHC74DT3 TAR8H02K(TE M68762SH BU508DW   KSE13007
K6550 AK5369VP LF25CDT 74AHC74D TAR8H01K(TE M68762SL BU508DW   KSE350S
K8031 STK5364 LF25ABV UPC29M33 TAR5S50(TE8 M68762L BU526   KSP10
K827P STK5362 LF256H BAT17E6327 TAR5S33(TE8 M68762H BU526   KSP44
K847P STK5361 LF198H/883 BYW52TAP TAR5S30(TE8 MC68764 BU526   KTA1015
K9000 ST6358B1 LF198H BSP50T1 TAR5S28(TE8 M68765 BU546   KTA1915
L??113GDT AN5355 LF18CDT BSP50E6327 TAR5S27(TE8 MC68766 BU603   KTC1915
L??113HDT STK5353 LF18CDT BF487RA TAR5S25(TE8 M68769SH BU626A   KTC3197
L??113IDT AN5352N LF18ABV BF487B TAR5S18(TE8 M68769L BU705B   KTC8050C
L??113YDT STK5352 LF156H/01 BCY79Z TAR5S15(TE8 M68769H BU801   KTC8550
L??115WEGW STK5346 LF156H BCY79-8 TA8694N M68770 BU807   KTC9012
L14C2 STK5340 LF147J BCY79-7 TA8680BN M68776 BU810   KTC9012G
L14E TDA5340G LF120CV5V BCY77X TA8667P M68779H BU810   KTC9012H
L14G1 STK5335 LF120CPT BCY77-8 TA8659CN M68779M GP1A71R   KTC9015
L14G2 STK5333S LF120CDT BCY67-S1 TA8615 M68780 BU908   KTC9018
L14G3 AN5332N LF120CDT BCY67 TA8432K MC68809MPU BU931P   KTD1303
L14H12 AN5330 LF0029 BCX58-8 TA8428K(S) HD68809P BUD48A   KTD1415
L14R1 STK5327 LEDDEMOPALE BCX56E6327 TA8410K MC68821P BUF405A   KTD1555
LCD5654 STK5326 LE80CZ BCX5610E632 TA8233H HD68821P BUF405A   KY501
LCD803X AN5325 LE80CD BCX55E6327 TA8223K SQ69961CNV BUF410   KY502
LCD810SE STK5324 LE80ABD BCX5516E632 TA8207K LA70002L BUH313   KY503
LD242III STK5323 LE80ABD BCX5416E632 TA8205AH LA70010L BUH313   KY504
LD2622 AN5320 LE50CZ BCX5410E632 TA8200AH TDA70507 BUH315   KY505
LD271 AN5318A LE50CDTR BCX53E6327 TA8108AP TA70639 BUH315D   KY506
LD322 AN5316 LE50CD BCX5316E632 TA8050P(S) LA71000ML BUH517   KY751
LD4211 LA5316SMD LE50CD BCX5310E632 TA8005S LM710N14 BUH517D   KY752
LD56 AN5315 LE50ABD BCX5116E632 TA8004SA(LB 71051CááP BUH713   KY753
LD8189 STK5314 LE47CD BCP56E6327 TA79L06F(TE UPD71054L BUH715   KY754
LDR05 AN5313 LE47ABZ BCP55E6327 TA79L010P HD46850P=MC BUK10150GLB KY755
LDR06 KS5313 LE40CZ BCP5516E632 TA79L008P UPD72105C BUK436200B KY756
LDR07 AN5312 LE40CD BCP5510E632 TA79L006P LC72130 BUK454200AB KY757
LED55B FA5311D LE35CZ BCP5416E643 TA79024S LC72131M  S BUK455400B KY758
LED55C FA5310 LE33CDTR BCP5416E632 TA79012S LC72131 BUK48360AT1 KY759
LG5410??MQ FA5304SMD LE33CD BCP53E6327 KM905H SN72301 BUL147   KY760
LG5410??PS AN5301 LE33ABZ BCP5310E632 TA79009S SN72304L BUL310FP   KY761
LG5410??Q M5293L LE30CZ BCP52E6327 TA79005S SN72305L BUL45   KY762
LG5410??R M5290 LE30CZ BCP5216E632 TA78L15F(TE SN72307 BUL58D   KY763
LR1371R M5290P16 LE30CD BCP5116E632 TA78L12F(TE SN72308L BUL810   KY764
LR1373R M5290SMD LE30CD BC178B TA78L09F(TE SN72309L BUS48AP   KY765
LR1374R M5289FP LE30ABZ BC177A TA78L08F(TE SN72311P MC3302   KY766
LR1471R M5289P LE25CZ BB659CE7902 TA78L06F(TE SN72318 74HC266   KY767
LR1474R M5285FP LE12CZ BB639CE7904 TA78L009AP( SN72514J 74AC14   KY768
LR1475R M5283P LE120CZ BAT165E6327 TA78L005AP SN72558 BUT76A   L2004F31
LS600 M5280FP LE120CD BAP6502T1 TA78DS05F(T SN72702 BUT76AF   L2004F51
LT1057 M5280L LDP24ARL BAP132102T1 TA7824S SN72709L BUT76AF   L2004F61
LT1057AR M5272L LDI3V8BT112 74V1T125STR TA7818S SN72709N BUT90   L2004F81
LT1188 AN5275 LD2985AM18R 74V1GU04CTR TA7815S SN72710L BUV20   L2008L6
LT1198 AN5265 LD2981ABU50 74V1G70CTR TA7810S SN72711L MMI6331-1J   L2008L8
LT1740R AN5250 LD2981ABU33 74LVX00MTCX TA78005P SN72720N BUV26   L4006L6
LT1743R M5243FP LD2981ABM25 2SA950Y(TE2 TA7778P SN72723L BUV26   L4008L6
LT1784R M5243P75 LD2980CM32T BCV49T1 TA7772P SN72741L MA40S3R   L6008L6
LT2157 SPC5243M LD2980ABM50 BCV48E6327 TA7687AP/LS SN72747N BUV46A   LAG552
LT2231AG STRS5241 LD2743 BB68902VE79 TA7680AP SN72748L DNA1002D   LAG600
LT301 M5238AL LD2742 BB66402VE79 TA7640AP SN72771P BUV48CFI   LAG634
LT302312T M5238A LD274 1PS76SB62T1 TA7609P SN72771L BUV70   LAG637
LT302R M5237L LD271RN18A BYW55TAP TA7604AP STK730-012 BUW1215   LB123TR.NPN
LT303 M5236SMD LD271L BYW53TAP TA75902 STK73408-II BUW13A   LM9012G
LT305R M5236 LD271H BYV16TAP TA75557S STK73410II BUW50   M12
LT311 M5233L LD271 BYT52KTAP TA7417AP STK73410 BUW50   M13T1D7
LT3211R M5231 LD266 BYT51MTAP TA7378P STK73605 BUW84B   M2008
LT3215 M5231L LD264 BCP68E6327 TA7357P STK73802 BUW85B   M3011
LT3231G M5230L LD263 BB639E7904 TA7343AP STK73903 BUX10   M412
LT3251Y M5228P LD2615 BB132T1 TA7342P STK73907 BUX41   M4242
LT3401AP M5226SMD LD2422/3 BAT86A52A TA7270P STK73908 BUX80   M452
LT3406AP M5223FP LD1117V50 74ACT86M TA7227 STK73909 BUX80   M456
LT3406R AN5222 LD1117V33 74ACT32M TA7205AP MC74013 BUX81   M4583
LT4157 M5222L LD1117V33 74ACT08M TA7063P C74067A1A3 BUX81   M4584
LT52 M5220L LD1117V30 74ACT08B TA7061BP DM74125N BUX84B   M4915
LT546G M5219 LD1117V 74ACT04B T3444M MC145407DW BUX98P   M54
LT546R M5218FP LD1117V18 74ACT02M T3332 DM74173N BUZ172   M54747
LT546Y M5218P LD1117S33TR 74ACT00M T1400J SN74247N BUZ172   M6080
LT547G AN5216 LD1117S33CT 74AC32MTR SM12J45(3M) MC74416 BUZ21   M9009
LT547R AN5215 LD1117DTR 74AC32M S4E38XX(TPK LC74790 BUZ21   M9027
LT548R M5215 LD1117DT50 74AC32B S2055N(M) UPD75006-58 BUZ30A   M9028
LT549R BA5214 LD1117DT33C 74AC08MTR S2055N(LBSO UPD75006GB BUZ31L   M9033
LT8101 M5211L LD1117DT33C 74AC08M S2000N(M) UPD75006-55 BUZ332A   M9036
LT8102M KS5210E LD1117DT33 74AC08B S2000N UPD75008GB BUZ332A   M9051
LTS543R M5207L05 LD1117DT33 74AC00M S2000A2 UPD75042057 BUZ41A   M9057
MA1003 BA5206 LD1117DT28 2SC5407 S2000A2 TA75072 BD905FI   M9062
MA1026 BA5205F LD1117DT25 BYV26BA52R S1854 UPD75104CW1 BUZ50A   M9119
MA1032AAA FA5205 LD1117DT25 BYV26AA52R RN4606(TE85 UPD75106CW BUZ51   M9130
MA1043LR BA5204 LD1117DT BAT17T1 RN2406(TE85 UPD75106-20 BUZ61   M9135
MA1136GZW M5204P LD1117DT 1N4003GA52R RN2406(T5L, UPD75106-19 BUZ61A   M9145
MA1136RZW M5194P LD1117D33 CD74HCT126M RN2403(T5L, UPD75108GF- HA11839   M9148
MA2504R M5193 LD1117D25 CD74HCT126M RN2402(T5L, UPD75108CW2 HA11511   M9160
MAN10 AN5192K LD1086V50 CD74HCT126E RN1444A(TE8 UPD75108CW BUZ73A   M9160
MAN3730 M5186P LD1086V50 CD74HC126M RN1427(TE85 UPD75108C98 BUZ77B   M9161
MAN3910A TEA5170 LD1086V36 CD74HC126E RN1411(T5L, UPD75108C79 1680   M9168
MAN3920A AN5163K LD1086V36 BZX79A5V1A5 RN1408(T5L, UPD75108 24 BUZ90AF   M9169
MAN3930A AN5160K LD1086V33 BZX79A5V1A2 RN1407(T5L, UPD75108 BUZ90E3082 M9199
MAN3940A AN5156 LD1086V33 BSP52T1 RN1406(T5L, UPD75112GF BY133   M9223
MAN3980A M5153 LD1086V25 BSP52E6327 RBHLD1001 UPD75116J06 BY133   M9244
MAN4730 M5152 LD1086V120 BCX5510E632 PN120042 UPD75116GF BY214600=P6 M9251
MAN51A BA5152 LD1086V12 BCX52E6327 TL8704 UPD75116G38 BY227G   M9257
MAN72 STRS5141 LD1086V BCX5110E632 TA7741P UPD75116G29 BY360   M9330
MB1044B AN5136K LD1086V BAW101E6327 TA7355P UPD75116F21 BA319   M9377
MB134A AN5135NK LD1086DT50 BAP7003T1 TA7335P UPD75116F01 BY229600B   M9390
MB134B M5134 LD1086DT33 BAP5102T1 TL8704P SN75138Ná BY229F200   M9400
MB134C SM5131DS LD1086DT33 BAP5003T3 CA723CT SN75146Pá BY229F800B M9404
MB134D AN5125 LD1086DT25 BAP5003T1 TEA1061 SN75150P BY249300   M9411
MCA2230Z AN5120 LD1086DT25 74V1T00STR TDA3505 M56730ASP IAV307   M9426
MCA2231 BA5116F LD1086DT 74V1G14STR TDA2582 SN75180 BY252   M9427
MCA255 TEA5116 LD1086D2T33 74V1G08STR TBA540 SN75189ADá BY252   M9430
MCA7 M5115P LD1086D2T33 74V1G00STR TAA661B UPD75206GF IAV308   M9440
MCA8 BA5114 LD1086D2T25 74HCT1G32GW SAB3022 UPD75208CW BY299   M9444
MCA81 BA5112LS LD1086D2T18 74HCT1G00GW UL1497 UPD75208A24 BY328A52R   M9456
MCL611 BA5104A LD1086D2M18 74HC1G32GWT UL1042 UPD75212ACW BY3291200B M9458
MCP3010   BA5102A LD1086D2M18 1SMA5921BT3 TBA940 UPD75212-27 BY359F1500B M9466
MCP3020 BA5101 LD1086D2M BYX83TAP SY289MA4010 UPD75212-27 1N647   M9467
MCP3022 TEA5101A LD1085V50 BYV96EA52R SY1711 UPD75212-20 1N456   M9475
MCP3041 TC5091AP LD1085V33 BYT54MTAP SF826 UPD75212-18 2SC3054   M9477
MCS2 CXP5086-630 LD1085V18 M51994P ZT20011 UPD75212 BY4591500B M9485
MCS21 CXP5084621 LD1085V BF483RA VSDDB005702 UPD75216-BA BY500600   M9494
MCS2400 CXP5084640Q LD1085V BCV49E6327 VSADB000200 UPD75216-BA BY527A52A   M9534
MCS2401 CXP5084643Q LD1085D2T50 BAW101E6327 VSADB000102 UPD75216-A6 BY5501000   M9543
MCS6201 TC5081AP LD1085D2T50 BAT6407E632 VQ3001P UPD75304 BY550400   M9548
MCT2 CXP5078063Q LD1085D2T33 B160 VQ2001P UPD75308 BY550600   M9551
MCT2200 CXP5078068 LD1085D2M25 74VHC1GT14D VQ1006P UPD75316-31 BY550800   M9557
MCT2201 AN5071 LCXR162245M 74VHC1GT08D VQ1001P UPD75316-30 BY584A52R   M9565
MCT2202 AN5070 LCP1511DRL 74LVX14MTCX VQ1001J UPD75316-05 BY8412A52R M9568
MCT26 TC5066BP LCP1511DRL 74LVX14MTC VQ1000P TA75339P BY8420A52AS M9570
MCT270 TC5064BP LCP1511D 74LVX14M VP2410LTR1 TA75358P BYD13MA52R M9571
MCT271 TC5047AP1 LCP1511D 74LVQ32M VP2410L TA75393 BYD17DT1   M9576
MCT272 AN5043 LCP150S 74LVQ08M VP0808L TA75393S BYD17DT3   M9580
MCT274 STRS5041GSk LCP02150B1 74LVQ02M VP0610TT1 SN75413 BYD17GT3   M9583
MCT2E STRS5041TSk LCDP1511DRL 74LVQ00M VP0610T P8216 BYD17MT1   M9584
MCT5201 TEA5040 LCC3600A 74HCT132N VP0610L TA75458S BYD17MT3   M9587
MCT5211   AN5036 LC7582 74HCT132DT3 VP0300L TA75458 BYD33DA52R M9588
MCT6 TDA5030AC1 LC7265 74HCT132D VN88AFD SN75466N BYD33GA52   M9591
MCT66 AN5025K LC5768VG10F 74HCT126N VN66AFD SN75476 BYD33JA52R M9592
MCT8 TC5022BP LC5512MV75Q 74HCT126DT3 VN50300L MC75480 BYD33KA52R M9594
MCT81 AN5020 LC5512MV75Q 74HCT126DBT VN4012LTR1 MC75484 BYD33MA52R M9599
ME7124 DBL5018 LC5512MV75F 74HCT126D VN2410LTR1 SN75489 BYD33UA52R M9600
ME7161 AN5015 LC4512C75T1 74HCT125D VN2410LS MC75492P=DS BYD37DT1   M9601
MEK760 DBL5015 LC4512B35F2 74HC138PW11 VN2410L UPD75516GF BYD37MT3   M9613
MHW1342 DBL5009 LC4256V5T17 74HC138D VN2406D UPD75516-46 BYD57MT1   M9614
MIL2121 LA5005 LC4256V5F25 74HC132D VN2222LL UPD75516-09 BYD57MT3   M9622
MIL2221 LA5004 LC4256C3F25 74HC126N VN2222L UPD75516-06 BYD73BA52R M9623
MIL2321 LA5003 LC4256B75T1 74HC126DT3 VN1206L UPD75517-20 BYD73DA52R M9624
MLD92 DBL5002 LC4256B5T17 74HC126D VN10LLS UPD75518GF BYD77DT1   M9625
MLED81 DBL5001 LC4256B3T17 74HC125D VN10KLSTR1 UPD75518-13 BYD77DT3   M9638
MLED930 L4977A LC4128V75T1 74FCT640D VN10KLS UPD75518-09 BYD77GT1   M9640
MLL66056001 L4972A LC4128V75T1 74HC123D VN0808LS UPD75518-05 BYD77GT3   M9641
MOC1000 LC4969 LC4128V5T12 74F04SC VN0808L TA75558BA BYG20D   M9642
MOC1001 LC4966 LC4128V5T10 74F02SC VN0610L TA75558P BYG22B   M9643
MOC1002 L4963 LC4064V75T4 74ACT86MTR VN0606L KIA75558 BYG80GT1   M9646
MOC1003 L4962A LC4064V75T4 74ACT86M VN0605TT1 TA75559P BYM26EA52A M9647
MOC1005 L4949N LC4064V75T1 74ACT32M VN0300LTR1 TA75559S BYM26EA52R M9648
MOC1006 L4941 LC4064V75T1 74ACT32B VN0300LS TA75747P BB205   M9651
MOC1100 TDA4941 LC4064V5T10 74ACT11M VN0300L LC75821 BYM56CA52A M9653
MOC1200 L4940V5 LC4064V25T4 74ACT10M VMEDB000202 TA75902P BYM56DA52A M9657
MOC3010 L4938N LC4064V25T1 74ACT08M VMEDB000102 TA75902F BYQ28X200   M9658
MOC3012 L4921 LC4064C75T1 74ACT08B VHNSF203000 SN76001 BYT01200   M9659
MOC3020 LC4913 LC4064C25T4 74ACT04M VHNDB280101 SN76005ND BYT01400   M9665
MOC3022 L4904A LC4064B75T1 74ACT04B VHNDB205000 SN76007 BYT131000   M9672
MOC3023 L4903 LC4064B25T4 74ACT02SCX VHNDB204000 SN76009 BYT42MTAP   M9674
MOC3030 BA4901 LC4064B25T4 74ACT02M VHNDB120103 SN76010N BYT54MTAP   M9677
MOC3031 L4885CV LC4032V5T44 74ACT00M VHNDB011119 SN76013 BYT54MTAP   M9680
MOC3040 TDA4884 LC4032V25T4 74AC86SC VHNDB001991 SN76023 BYT56MTAP   M9681
MOC3042 TDA4883 LC4032V25T4 74AC32M VCR4N LA76070 BYT79400   M9686
MOC3043 TDA4882 LC4032C75T4 74AC32B VCR2N SN76105 BYT861000   M9715
MOC3060 HM4864AP LC4032C75T4 74AC20M U421 SN76115 BYT861000   M9725
MOC3083 TDA4862 LC4032C25T4 74AC11M U404 SN76116 BYV1040   M9726
MOC5005 TDA4861V LC4032B75T4 74AC10M U310 SN76117N BYV1040A52R M9729
MOC5006 TDA4858V LC3517N-20 74AC08SCX TZS4681GS08 SN76123 BYV1060   M9750
MOC5007 STK4853 LBT67CP2R13 74AC08MTR TZMC9V1GS08 LA76170 BYV14345B   M9776
MOC5008 TDA4852V LBT676K2M11 74AC08M TZMC8V2GS08 SN76177 BYV16TAP   M9779
MOC5009 STK4833 LBT676K2M11 74AC08B TZMC6V8GS08 SN76226DN BYV26B   M9780
MOC5010 TDA4817 LBT676J2K21 74AC04MTR TZMC6V8GS08 SN76227 ROG06   M9781
MOC601A TDA4814 LBT673N2Q13 74AC04M TZMC6V2GS08 SN76228N BYV26D   M9795
MOC602A STK4813 LBT673M2N23 74AC02SCX TZMC62GS08B SN76231 IDTQS3861   M9806
MOC603A TDA4810 LBR99A 74AC02M TZMC5V6GS18 SN76242 BYV27-200   M9807
MOC604A LA4805 LBQ99A 74AC00SC TZMC5V6GS08 SN76243 BYV27300   M9846
MOC622A LR4803 LBM676K1L21 74AC00M TZMC5V6GS08 SN76246 BYV27400   M9848
MOC7811 LR4801 LBM676J1K11 74AC00B TZMC5V1GS08 SN76264 BYV28150   M9866
MOC8102 TMS4764 LBM673M1N13 1SS302(TE85 TZMC5V1GS08 SN76266 BYV28150   M9872
MRD300 CD4753 LBL89SK1L13 1SMB5935BT3 TZMC56GS08B SN76267 BYV28200A52 M9887
MRD3050 TMP4746 LBK376M1N1 1PS89SB16T1 TZMC51GS08B SN76298 BYV29-500   M9899
MRD3051 TMP4746PLAQ LBE67CQ2S13 1PS79SB10T1 TZMC4V7GS08 SN76322 BYV29F400B M9943
MRD3052 LA4743B LB5416 CD74ACT86M TZMC4V7GS08 SN76330N BYV32E150B MAC12N
MRD3053 CD4731 LB5413TV CD74ACT08M9 TZMC47GS08B SN76390N BYV32E200B MAC158
MRD3054 LA4725 LB3336P CD74ACT08M TZMC3V9GS18 SN76395 BYV34400   MAC15A6FP
MRD3055 MC14162BCP LB3336 CD74ACT08E TZMC3V9GS08 SN76396 BYV36CA52R MAC15A8FP
MRD3056 LA4708 LB1645 CD74ACT05M TZMC3V6GS08 SN76426N BYV36DA52A MAC15SN
MRD310 TDA4691V LB1426 CD74ACT04M TZMC3V3GS18 TA76431S BYV40E200T1 MAC208
MRD450 TDA4688 LB1216 CD74ACT04E TZMC3V3GS08 TA76431F BYV42E200B MAC212A6
MRD711 TDA4687 LAW57BFYGY2 CD74ACT02M TZMC39GS08B SN76488N BYV44500B   MAC223A6
MT2 TDA4686 LAW57BF22 CD74ACT02E TZMC36GS18B SN76514N BYV52200   MAC224
MT8020 TDA4685 LAM676R1 CD74AC86M TZMC33GS08B TA76524P BYV72EW200B MAC228-A6
MV5053 U4647 LAE675U1V12 CD74AC02M TZMC2V4GS08 SN76545N BYV96E   MAC8SN
MV5352 U4646B LAE65BBB33A CD74AC00E TZMC2V4GS08 SN76550 BYW100150   MAR3MSA0385
MV5374 LA4620 LAE65BBACA3 BYW36TAP TZMC27GS08B SN76564 S87C751-1A2 MC140
MV54173 LA4603 LAE65BBACA2 BYV38TAP TZMC27GS08 SN76591 BYW34   MC141
MV5491 LA4601 LAE655ABCA2 BYV37TAP TZMC24GS08B SN76594 BYW51150   MC142
MV57123 LA4600 LAA676R1S21 BYV1040 TZMC22GS08B SN76600 LA4631   MC150
MV5774 LA4598 LA9240 BAT54JFILM TZMC22GS08 SN76620NQ BYW55A52R MC152
N582 NJM4587L LA7920 BAR42FILM TZMC20GS18B SN76623 AA119   MC338
NSA1188 LA4582M LA7833 1SS193(T5L, TZMC20GS08B SN76635 BYW80200   MC350
NSA1198 LA4581M LA7621 1SS181(T5L, TZMC18GS08B SN76637 BYW80200   MC7724
NSB3382 LA4580 LA7550 1SMB5918BT3 TZMC16GS08B SN76643 BYW95CA52A MCR103
NSB3882 NJM4580D LA7520 10MQ060N TZMC15GS18B SN76650 BYW96DA52R MCR2080A10
NSB5382 NJM4580L LA7376 BF458 TZMC15GS08B SN76651 BB104   MCR2186
NSB5388 TDA4580 LA7323 BF457 TZMC15GS08 SN76660 BYX55600   MCR22-4
NSB5881 UPC4574C LA7320 BF457 TZMC13GS08B SN76665 BZV90C18   MCR22-5
NSB5882 UPC4572C LA7295 BD878 TZMC12GS18B SN76666N BZV90C24   MCR26410
NSB5917 TDA4570 LA6531 BD238C TZMC12GS08B SN76669 BZV90C6V2   MCR4073
NSB5922 UPC4570G LA6530 BD238B TZMC12GS08 SN76670N BZV90C8V2   MCR648
NSB7382 TC4566F LA6393S BD238A TZMC11GS08B SN76671N BZW03   MCR649P3
NSB782 TDA4566 LA6324 BD238 TZMC11GS08 SN76675 BZW03   MCR68
NSB7882 NJM4565D LA5531 2SC4331 TZMC10GS08 SN76676 BZW045V8   MCR69
NSN334 NJM4565L LA5523 BD138-16 TZMB9V1GS08 SN76681N BZW045V8   MD8002
NSN374 TDA4565 LA541BCWEW1 BCW46B TZMB8V2GS08 SN76689 BZW045V8B   MD8003
NSN381 4564N15 LA4555 LF50CDT TZMB6V8GS08 SN76690 BZW045V8B   MFE121
NSN382 NJM4562M LA4508 BAT82A52R TZMB6V2GS08 SN76730N BZW04P13   MFE131
NSN534 BA4560 IRKT4108 BAT81A52R TZMB5V6GS08 SN76750 BZW0615B   MFE132
NSN581 BA4560F LA4201 74HC1G14GWT TZMB5V1GS08 TA78009AP BZW0615B   MFE209
NSN582 NJM4560D LA4200 74298PC TZMB51GS08 UPD78011-51 BZW0626B   MG30G2DL1DA
NSN583 NJM4560M  = LA4182 2SC1362 TZMB4V7GS08 UPD78011-50 BZW0633   MG30G6EL1DA
NSN584 NJM4560SD LA4178 2SA984 TZMB47GS08 UPD78012-51 BZW065V8B   MG50G6EL1
NSN734 RC4560M LA4138 A6A5004 TZMB3V9GS08 UPD78012-50 BZW0678B   MGW30N60
NSN74R UPC4560 LA4112=CD BYT01400 TZMB3V3GS08 UPD78012-50 BZW5047B   MGY25N120
NSN783 MC4559CN LA4110 BSP61T1 TZMB2V7GS08 UPD78012-50 BZX284C5V6 MHW1172
NSN784 BA4558N HEDS9101E00 BSP61E6327 TZMB27GS08 UPD78012-03 BZX284C6V2 MHW252
NY57164 KA4558 M54549L-A BSP60T1 TZMB22GS08 UPD78012 BZX284C6V8T MHW3172
NZA5120 KA4558S LA3246 BSP60E6327 TZMB16GS08B TA78012 BZX284C7V5 MHW3342
ON3161 S2L70 LA3220 BFP182E6327 TZMB15GS08B UPD78014CW BZX284C8V2 MHW5185
OP130 MC4558SMD LA2220 BF679T TZMB13GS08B UPD78014-06 BZX284C9V1T MHW5222
OP130W NJM4558D LA2110 BF195G TZMB12GS08B UPD78014-01 BZX55C4V7   MHW5342A
OP131 NJM4558L LA2101 74LVC32AM TZMB10GS08B TA78015M PVT412   MHW613
OP132 NJM4558M LA1810 74LVC00AM TZMA6V8GS08 UPD78042-21 DAC312er   MHW6185
OP133 NJM4558S LA1267 74LV04D TZMA18GS08 UPD78042GF DAC312er   MHW7202
OP135 UPC4558C LA1260 74LCX08M TZM5256BGS0 UPD78042-05 DAC312er   MHW8201
OP140 UPC4557 LA1240 74HCT1G04GW TZM5255BGS0 UPD78042-05 MC68230P10 MIG30J103H
OP160 NJM4556AM LA1185 74HC1G04GWT TZM5250BGSO UPD78042-05 BZX85C10   MJ1000
OP161 NJM4556S LA1140 74F37SC TZM5243BGS0 UPD78042-03 C106D1   MJ10001
OP165 UPC4556 LA1132 74F27SCX TZM5242BGS1 UPD78042-02 C106M1   MJ10003
OP2401A TDA4554 L9997ND 74F27SC TZM5242BGS0 UPD78042-01 LTV826S   MJ10006
OP2401B LA4538M L9947S 1SMA5940BT3 TZM5242BGS0 UPD78042-01 MC6850P=S68 MJ10007
OP2402A LA4537MTA L9903 1SMA5928BT3 TZM5232BGS0 UPD78043-06 CA3083E   MJ10009
OP2402B LA4533 L98SI013TR 1SMA5925BT3 TZM5232BGS0 UPD78043 CA3102E   MJ1001
OP2403A 4532 15 L98SI CD74HCT109M TZM5231BGS0 UPD78054-02 CA3130E   MJ10012
7015FB TDA4532 L9826 74C161N TZM5230BGS0 TA78057S CA555CT   MJ10014
OP260SLA LA4530 L9823013TR BYV26DA52R TZM5229BGS0 SSI78093 CCU3000   MJ10015
OP290GP LA4530SMD L9822E BF488RA TZM5228BGS0 UPD78134GF CD22301E   MJ10021
OP291 LA4525 L9700D BCX6925E632 TSUS5402BOX UPD78134051 MJW16206   MJ10022
OP295 TMS4516-15 L9700D BCX6916E632 TSUS5401 LC78211 CD40110BE   MJ10023
OP295A LA4505 L9700 BCX6825E632 TSUS5400BOX STK78602 CD4015BCN   MJ11011
OP295C TDA4505A L9637D BCX6816E632 TSUS5400 LC78621 CD40192BCN MJ11012
OP296C AK4501VS L9616 BCX6810E632 TSUS5202 LC78622 CD40193BE   MJ11013
OP298 LM4500AN L9613B BCP68E6327 TSUS5201 LC78815 AT59C13   MJ11014
OP501 TCA4500 L9338DTR BCP6825E632 TSUS5200 LC78865M CD4034BCN   MJ11015
OP502A LA4497 L88800 74F251ASCX TSUS4300BOX TA79007SB CD4035BCN   MJ11016
OP505D LA4495 L84225 74AC02SC TSUS4300 TA79012 CD4055   MJ11019*
OP508F LA4491 L84221/A 2SC2713GR(T TSUS3400 MGM80021P CD4055MC140 MJ11020
OP530 U4490B L8101D DS1315S50 TSTA7500 MGM80021P CD4069/MC14 MJ11028
OP538 TDA4484 L80C300 1N5060A52R TSTA7100 CXP80116683 DF322DJ   MJ11029
OP550 TDA4481 L80600 BST72AB TSSS2600 STR80145 CD4519BCN   MJ11030
OP598A TDA4480 L79L15ACZ BCP6925E632 TSSP4400 D80287-8 MC146823CP MJ11033
OP598B LA4471 L79L15ACZ BCP6916E632 TSSF4500 D80287-6 CD4572UBE   MJ12003
OP598C LA4470 L79L15ACUTR 74LV32D TSOP7000 SAB8031-5 CD74HC11E   MJ12005
OP600 LA4466 L79L15ACD BYV16TR TSOP5700TR N80387SX16 CD74HC4015M MJ13001
OP800 TDA4453 L79L15ACD BY527A52R TSOP4840 AL80467 CD74HC4059E MJ13006
OP801 TDA4452 L79L12ACZ BY269TAP TSOP4838 CXP80624416 CD74HCT109M MJ13009
OP802 LA4451 L79L12ACZ 74VHCT125AM TSOP4836SB1 CXP80724051 CD74HCT193E MJ13080
OP803 LA4450 L79L12ACUTR 74HC1G86GWT TSOP4836 STM81004Z CD74HCT85E MJ13081   M
OP805 LA4440 L79L12ACUTR 74HC1G14GWT TSOP4830 STL81004Z CD965=2SD96 MJ13090
OP841 TDA4439 L79L12ACD 74F64PC TSOP2238 STM81005Z CF32263AFN MJ14002
OP842 U4439BG L79L12ACD 2N6517 TSOP2237 STL81005Z CF70123   MJ14003
OP842W TDA4437S L79L12ABD 11DQ10TR TSOP2230 STL81007G CF70200NW   MJ1471
OP843 TDA4433 L79L09ACZ 11DQ10 TSOP2136   CF70209NW   MJ15001
OP843W STK4432 L79L09ACD 11DQ06TR TSOP1856SS3 S81230 CF72306   MJ15002
OP844 TDA4432 L79L08ACZ 11DQ06 TSOP1838/P1 S81240PG CF76001N   MM1315