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TA8427K FST3125M BU508DFI BCX1925 SN29789N CXA1298 MJF18008 SOHA1 2SC3022
TA8429H FST16245MTD BU508AXI BCX17 SN29789N CXA1477AS MJF18204 SOHAAU 2SC3026
TA8432 FST16212MTD BU2508DW BCW89 SN29773 CXA1571N MJH16006A SOHAPU 2SC303
TA8605N FST16211MTD 37316 BCW70R SN29718 CXA1635S MJL21193 SOHDP1 2SC3037
TA8606N FST16211MEA BA5406 BCV71 SN16965N CXA2060BS MJL21194 SOHDS2B 2SC3038
TA8615N FST16209MEA AN101 BCV62B UPD4538 CXA2568M MJW16010 SOHOT4 2SC4429
TA8617 FSMST118717 74S175N BCV62 U865BS CXAL10L MJW16212 SONG2 2SC304
TA8618S FSLV16211MT 2SD1544 BCV61B U829B CXD1130Q MKP1V2401 SONY137A 2SC3040
TA8620P FSDH565 2N5884 BCV61A U664BS CXD2508AQ MKP3V2403 SP202ECN 2SC3042
TA8622N FSDH0165 BUZ30A BCM6010KPF U6316B CXD2517Q ML8204 SP202ECP 2SC3047
TA8628N FSAM20SL60 30CPQ100 BC860A U6202B CXD2518Q MM2259 SP202ECT 2SC305
TA8632N FSAM15SH60 74ABT543ADT BC858C U4614B CXD2519Q MM2260 SP202EEN 2SC3051
TA8637BP FSAM10SH60 2N6349 BC858B U4443B CXP50120114 MM3002 SP202EEP 2SC3052
TA8644N FS7M0880TU 74LVX161284 BC850B U4441B CXP5034H MM3008 SP207CT 2SC3053
TA8646AN FS6S1565RBY 74LVX161284 BC848A U4439B CXP5058H547 MM3009 SP207ECA¬ ¬ 2SC3056
TA8692CN FS6S1265REY BUY18-S BC848A U416B CXP5086H015 MM4005 SP207ECT 2SC3059
TA8694N FS6M07652RT BUX47 BC818-40 U3870M D1705012 MMBT2222BAG SP208CA¬ ¬  2SC306
TA8697N FQU6P25TU BU902 BC63516 U353M D1705016 MMBT2907BAG SP208CT 2SC3063
TA8718N FQU6N25TU BU706 BC588B U351M D2104A MMBT3906BAG SP208EA¬ ¬  2SC3064
TA8725AN FQU5N50TU BU536 BC550C U338 D218630 MMBT4403 SP208ECA¬ ¬ 2SC3068
TA8739P FQU17P06TU 2SK3316 BC450 U336M D218630 MMBT6427LT1 SP208ECT 2SC3069
TA8745AN FQU13N06TU BUK751855B BBY39 U321M D218630 MMBTA05 SP208EET 2SC307
TA8747N FQS4901TF 74CBT16212A BBY31 U318M D2364 MMBTA06 SP211CA¬ ¬  2SC3070
TA8750AN FQPF9N50 BUK10050GLB BB835 U2829B D3232 MMBTA13 SP211CT 2SC3071
TA8792N FQPF6N90 BUZ30A BB219 TFMS5360 D43256BCZ12 MMBTA42 SP211EA¬ ¬  2SC3072
TA8822SN FQPF6N50 BUZ21 BB2151T32A TEA2029CV D51610 MMBTA56 SP211ECA¬ ¬ 2SC3073
TA8823N FQPF5P20 BSP772T BAW62 TE13009 D78310AGQ MMBTA63LT1 SP211ECATR 2SC3074
TA8825AN FQPF5N60 ATF20V8BQL1 BAT83 TE13008 D80822 MMBTA64LT1 SP211ECT 2SC3076
TA8845AN FQPF5N50 MGSF1P02LT1 BAT81 TE13007 D8288 MMBTA92 SP211EET 2SC3078
TA8851N FQPF5N20 MMBFJ310 BAS32L TE13005D D8742 MMBTH10/MPS SP211HCA¬ ¬ 2SC308
TA8859CP FQPF55N10   BAS20 TE13005-17 UPD8748H MP121 SP232ACP 2SC3081
TA8863BF FQPF4N80 74ABT640PW BAS17 TE13004D D8749H MP3791 SP232ACT 2SC3083
TA8867 FQPF4N60 74ABT640DBT BAS17 TE13003SMD D8751 MP3958 SP232AEN 2SC3086
TA8879 FQPF4N50 74ABT640D BA7607 TE13003 D8751H MP9432 SP235ACP 2SC3088
TAA131 FQPF44N10 74ABT623D BA6432S TE13002 D8752BAH MPF105 SP236ACS 2SC3089
TAA141 FQPF3N60 BUK761855T3 BA6138 TE13002 D8753H MPF112 SP236ACT 2SC309
TAA151 FQPF2N60 STK720BH BA479A TDA4950 D87C51=87C5 MPF121 SP236AET 2SC3090
TAA241H FQPF20N06L CTA08-800B B88AC TDA4565 DAC01HY MPF4392 SP238ACS 2SC3091
TAA263 FQPF19N20 BTS462T B58141 TDA4484 DAC0806LCN MPF4393 SP238ACT 2SC3092
TAA2762 FQPF19N10 UA702H/LM70 B57884 TDA4454 DAC0807LCN MPF970 SP310ACP 2SC3099
TAA2765A FQPF18N50V2 BUZ76 B57544 TDA4453 DAC0808LCN MPF971 SP310ACT 2SC31
TAA2765P FQPF18N20V2 BTS117 B57544 TDA4450 DAC0830LCN MPQ2907 SP310ECT 2SC310
TAA293 FQPF12N60 S20C40E B57512 AAA2801P08 DAC08EN MPS2369 SP312ACP 2SC3101
TAA300 FQPF10N20 2SC2278 B57512 TDA4445A DAC1001LCN MPS2925 SP312ACT 2SC3102
TAA310 FQP9N50 74VHC161284 B57511P068 TDA4445 DAC1230 MPS2955 SP332CT 2SC3103
TAA320 FQP85N06 74LVT543D B57429A117 TDA4442A DAC1232LCN MPS3414 SP370A 2SC3104
TAA370 FQP7N80 74HC646D B57429 TDA4440 DAC8212 MPS3567 SP385ECA¬ ¬ 2SC3112
TAA41P FQP7N20 2N5322 B57321 TDA4437S DAC8228FP MPS3693 SP385ECT 2SC3113
TAA435 FQP6N90 BU4508AFB B57317 TDA4437 DBA3 MPS3702 SP481CN 2SC3114
TAA450 FQP6N70 BU2508AXB B37941K5103 TDA4432 DBA4 MPS3704 SP481EN 2SC3116
TAA480 FQP5N40 BU500 AY58320 TDA4431 DBAL1018 MPS3866 SP483CN 2SC3117
TAA550 FQP50N06 BU2522AX AY51203A TDA4427S DBAL1019 MPS4045 SP483CS 2SC3120
TAA570 FQP4N50 BU2508DF AY51203A TDA4426 DBAL1021 MPS5417 SP483EEN P21256-15
TAA611B FQP46N15 BU208-02 AY51203A TDA4180 DBAL1027 MPS6514 SP485CN 2SC3120SMD
TAA611BA12 FQP34N20 AN8377 AY38331 TDA4173AF DBAL1034 MPS6515 SP485CS 2SC3123
TAA621 FQP27P06 AN6300 AY382108 TDA3506 DBAL1035 MPS6516 SP485ECN 2SC3128
TAA630 FQP27N25 AN8032 AWS30PAWPJ0 TDA2151 DBAL1046 MPS6517 SP485EEN 2SC3130
TAA630S FQP20N06L 2SC3885 ASY28 TDA2150 DBAL1052 MPS6518 SP485EN 2SC3133
TAA661 FQP20N06 74ALVCH1624 ASY26 TDA1950 DBAL1085 MPS6519 SP485ES 2SC3136
TAA700 FQP19N20L 74ALVCH1624 AMI83260F TDA1072A DBAL2002 MPS6523 SP485RCN 2SC3144
TAA761A FQP18N50V2 74ABT640N AMEG1 TDA1062S DBAL2052 MPS6530 SP485RCP 2SC3144
TAA761H FQP18N20V2 2N5322 AMEG1 TDA1062 DBAL2084 MPS6531 SP490CN 2SC3145
TAA762 FQP14N30 CD68KCF/D AM851K6 TDA1061 DBAL5002 MPS6533 SP490CS 2SC3145
TAA765/TA76 FQP12P10 BR1333/D AM851K6 TD13005D-SC DBLDAEWO MPS6534 SP491ECN 2SC3147
TAA765 META FQNL1N50BTA BR1202/D AM29F01020P TD13005D DCPO21212DP MPS6539 SP504MCF 2SC3148
TAA790-2 FQD5P10TF BR1188/D AM2148550DC TD13005D DG384ACJ MPS6543 SP574BKP 2SC3149
TAA830 FQD2N40TF ADCRM/AD AKO44957 TD13005 DG390ACJ MPS6560 SP720ABT 2SC3149
TAA840 FQD2N100TMB AD1582ARTRE AKO449505 TD13003 DG408DJ MPS6562 SP720AP 2SC3151
TAA900 FQD13N10LTF AD07100086E ADO11 TCDT1101G DG441TQ883B MPS6568 SPB03N60C3 2SC3152
TAA920 FQD13N06LTF 6302D ADO02 TBA520 DG505A MPS6571 SPP20N60C2 2SC3152L
TAA930B FQD10N20TF 6104D ADC0838CCWM SAS6700 DG507CJ MPS6601 SPP20N60C2 2SC3156¬ 
TAA960 FQB85N06TM 59658531E AD605BRREEL SAS6600 DINS8532 MPS6651 SPT7734SCS 2SC3157
TAA970H FQB65N06TM 59656008E A9667PC SAB2020 DM202JN MPS706 SPT7734SCT 2SC3158
TAA991D FQB47P06TM 5713DA A532 SAB2010 DM29702 MPS8000 SPT7852SIT 2SC3159
TAB1453A FQB44N10TM 5702D A5204 S683T SN7486N/DM7 MPS8001 SPT7936SCT 2SC316
TAD100 FQB2N80TM 5701D A388A108 S671T=BF871 DM7544N MPS8004 SPT8100SIT 2SC3163
TB1231AN FQB22P10TM 5213D A244D S637T DM8091N MPS8092 SPT9687SIN 2SC3164
TB1231CN FQB19N20LTM 5204D A244D S380T DM8092 MPS8097 SPT9687SIS 2SC3169
TBA1190P FQB13N10LTM 5103D A226931252 S290T DM8093 MPS8098 SPT9689BIP 2SC317
TBA120SBA FQB12P20TM 4621M A226931251 S112T DM8093 MPS8099 SRF2653MP 2SC3170
TBA120T FQAF8N80 4525D 9N277427 S108T DM8094 MPS8598 SRF3030 2SC3173
TBA120U FQAF11N90 4494M 8Y58320 TBA920S DM8096 MPS8599 SRF750 2SC3175
TBA1229AN FQA9N50 4493M 8K5 TDA8114A DM8097 MPS9014 SS12 2SC3178
TBA1229DN FQA90N15 4491M 84C81T TEA5701 DM8098 MPS9018 SS14 2SC3179
TBA1238BAN FQA85N06 4487D 84C81P SM104 DM8123 MPS918 SS16 2SC318
TBA1238N FQA7N80 4486DB 84C41P007 TMM2332P DM8124N MPS9418 SS23 2SC3180
TBA1440G FQA7N60 4485M 84C21T XTR110KU DM8130 MPS9423 SS24 2SC3181N
TBA1441 FQA6N90 4465DB 84C121T XTR110BG DM8131N MPS9434 SS25 2SC3182N
TBA221A FQA6N80 4458M 84A21V8 XTR110AG DM8201 MPS9468 SS38 2SC3183
TBA221H FQA55N25 4443M 84A21PB XTR106UA DM8210N MPS9632 SS8050DTA 2SC3190
TBA231 FQA48N20 4436B 84A21PB XTR105PA DM8211 MPS9652 SS8550DTA 2SC3191
TBA2331BA FQA38N30 4432B 8461T XTR101AP DM8213 MPS9700 SSH10N90A 2SC3192
TBA240 FQA30N40 4430B 8461PW115 XTR101AU DM8214N MPS9750G SSH25N40A 2SC3193
TBA261 FQA27N25 4419DB 8461PW XTNETD7102V DM8219 MPSA05 SSH45N20A 2SC3194
TBA281 FQA11N90 44140D 8461P X320VC5510G DM8220 MPSA06 SSH45N20A 2SC3195
TBA327 FQA10N80 44136D 8461P X320VC5502G DM8520N MPSA10* SSH4N90AS 2SC3196
TBA331 FPAL15SH60 44128D 8461P TMS320LF240 DM8544N MPSA12 SSH70N10A 2SC3197
TBA396 FP420L90B 44127D 8461P X320C6415CG DM8546N MPSA20 SSM2134 2SC3198
TBA400 FP410L4X80F 44117D 8441PT VSP2101Y DM8551 MPSA25 SSP4N60B 2SC3199
TBA435 FP410L4X80F 44104M 8441P VFC32KU DM8553N MPSA28 SSP6N60A 2SC32
TBA440N FOSMATM155M 4109DA 8441P VFC32KP DM8560 MPSA29 SSS10N60A 2SC3200
TBA440P FOMMSFFGBE1 3669D 8421V8TF033 VFC110AP DM8570J MPSA42 SSS2N60B 2SC3202
TBA460Q FOLST7/0201 3414DA 8420P X24C45 DM8577 MPSA64 ST083S12PFP 2SC3204
TBA510 FOD2712R2 3410D 8411VB ULN2002AN DM8585 MPSA65 ST110S12POV 2SC3205
TBA520 FOD2712R1 3107DA 84119N UCC5950N DM8590 MPSA70 ST110S16PO 2SC3206
TBA530 FOD2712 CD54HCT04F 84119N UCC5687PM DM8601N MPSA92 ST110S8M 2SC3207
TBA540 Focusregler BUH313 8410P UCC5681PW28 DM8602N MPSA93 ST16C1450CJ 2SC3208
TBA550Q FMS6414CS BU415 83C851WP UCC5681PW24 DM8613 MPSH04 ST16C1550CJ 2SC3209
TBA570A FMS3815KRC AD133 83C851 UCC5672PWP DM86S64CSQ/ MPSH08 ST16C2450CJ 2SC321
TBA600 FMS2704MTC 2SD731 83C654WP UCC5639FQP DM8847AN MPSH30 ST16C2550CJ 2SC3212
TBA625A FMMT449 2SD425 83C654PO36 UCC5630AMWP DM8852 MPSH32 ST16C454CJ6 2SC322
TBA651 FMKA140 2SD380 83C654P008 UCC5630AFQP DM8861N MPSH34 ST16C554DCJ 2SC3225
TBA690 FM93C86AEN 2SC2122A 83C654 UCC5628FQP DM9310 MPSH81 ST16C554DCQ 2SC3227
TBA700 FM93C86AEM8 2N6307 83C652 UCC5619MWP DM9316 MPSH83 ST16C554DIJ 2SC3228
TBA720 FM93C86AEM8 BU2520AXB 83C552P UCC5618DWP DM9601 MPSL01 ST16C650ACJ 2SC3229
TBA730 MP6101 2KBP06 82S25N UCC5614DP DMC42C2008- MPSL51 ST16C654CJ6 2SC3230
TBA739 FM93C56N AS7C31026-1 82S191F UCC5610DWP DMC6003002E MPSN10 ST173C12CFJ 2SC3231
TBA750 FM93C56MT8 AS7C3102515 82S191 UCC3961DTR DMP8214 MPSU02 ST173C12CFK 2SC3232
TBA750C FM93C56M8 AS7C3102512 82S185AF UCC3952PW1 DN6838A MPSU03 ST173S12PFP 2SC3237
TBA760 FM93C56LN AS7C3102415 82S181N UCC3952DP4 DP704C MPSU04 ST1802 2SC324
TBA780 FM93C56LM8X AS7C102620T 82S181F UCC3946PW M5L/INS/DP8 MPSU06 ST230C16CO 2SC3240
TBA790BA FM93C56LM8 AS7C102515J 82S181CN3 UCC3941D3 DP8214 MPSU31 ST230S12POV 2SC3242
TBA800A FM93C56LEN AS7C102512J 82S181CN UCC3918DP DP8224D MPSU45 ST230S16PO 2SC3243
TBA8105 FM93C56LEM8 AS7C102415T 82S181AF UCC3916DP DP8228 MPSU4894 ST232CT 2SC3244
TBA810AT FM93C56LEM8 AS7C102415T 82S180F UCC3915DP P8275 MPSU55 ST232CTR 2SC3246
TBA810P FM93C56EN AS7C102412J 82S155F UCC3913N DP8304 MPSU60 ST25C16MNGT 2SC3246
TBA810S FM93C56EM8X 1KAB40E 82S153N UCC3895N DP8308 MPU133 ST26C006 2SC3247
TBA810SH FM93C56EM8 BU2508DXB 82S152N UCC3895DW DP8390 MRF151 ST301A 2SC3249
TBA820M FM93C06M8X BUZ76A 82S152F UCC3884N DP8391 MRF221 ST303C12CFK 2SC3250
TBA820P FM93C06LZN 74F794PC 82S147F UCC3884D DP8392N MRF224 ST330C16C0 2SC3253
TBA820S FM93C06LZEM PI7SFLCX14 82S147AF UCC38502N DP8464 MRF502 ST330S12PO 2SC3254
TBA820T FM93C06LVMT CA3524E 82S137AF UCC38502DW D8755AD MRF515 ST330S16PO 2SC3255S
TBA890 FM93C06LN BUK962055T3 82S131F UCC38501N INS8254N MRF557 ST52E301/C 2SC3258
TBA900 FM93C06EM8X ATF16V8CZ15 82S115N UCC38500N DPINSU8250 MRF586 ST52T301/P 2SC3259
TBA920 FM809RS3X ATF16V8CZ15 82S115F UCC383TADJ DPM001TA MRF901 ST62E20F1/H 2SC3260
TBA940 FM75MM8X 74ACTQ244SC 82S107F UCC381DPADJ DPM001TIA MS514400AL ST62E25F1/H 2SC3263
TBA950 FM75MM8 CD54HC14F 82S106F UCC3818DW DS1075m100 MSA0185MAR1 ST62E60BF1 2SC3264
TBA970 CM252016-1R 24C32N 82S104F UCC3817D DS1202 MSA0285/MAR ST62T03CB6 022A
TBA990   AS7C1024A15 82S103F UCC3813DTR4 DS1205S MSA0485-MAR ST62T10CB6 2SC3266
TBB1458   74ABT827D 82S102F UCC3813DTR0 DS1210 MSA0685-MAR ST62T15B6HW 2SC3267
TBP18S30 FM25C640ULE BUW12 82LS181N UCC3813D5 DS1213C MSA0885 ST62T15B6SW 2SC3269
TC35311F FM25C160UM8 BUV71 82HS641BN UCC3813D3 DS1213D MSA180Q43PA ST62T20B6SW 2SC3271
TC3857 FM25C020ULE BU500 82HS641BN UCC3809N2 DS1216B MAR7MSA785 ST62T25B6SW 2SC3272
TC5018P SPCA718A 48CTQ060 82HS321N UCC3809N1 DS1216C MSD6100 ST62T25CB6 2SC3277
TC5020BP FM24C256LZM 2SD1428 82HS195BN UCC3808N2 DS1216D MSD6150 ST62T55CB6 2SC3279
TC5023BP FM24C256LN BDW84B 8266N UCC3808D1 DS1216F MSD6550 ST62T60BB6 2SC3280
TC5026BP FM24C256FLE 74HCT9046AN 8212D UCC3808AD1 DS1225Y150 MSG100L43PA ST62T60CB6 TB6512AF
TC5032P FM24C16ULN BUV90 80CL410HFP UCC38086PW DS1227 MSM514202J ST62T65BB6 LA6535
TC5036P FM24C16ULEM BUV70 80C81BH3 UCC38085PW DS1230Y100 MSM5265G ST6X86 KMZ41
TC5043P FM24C16UFN 2SC3692 80C56212WP UCC38084PW DS1230Y120 MSM6388G ST72T101G1B 2SC3284
SN75ALS194N FM24C16UEN 2SC3026 80C562 UCC3807D1 DS123120 MSM653801 ST72T213G1B 2SC3293
TC5054 FM24C16UEM8 2SA1694 80C562 UCC3806N DS123310 MSM74003 ST72T311J4B 2SC3295
TC5065BP FM24C08UEN BU810 80C5412P UCC3806DW DS12335 MSS1000 ST72T331J4B 2SC3296
MIG75Q202H FM24C08UEM8 74FR240PC 80C49PL114 UCC3805PW DS1233A10 MTM10N06 ST8841H-008 2SC3298
TC5070P FM24C05UM8X B192H6721G2 80C49 UCC3805N DS1238 MTM10N10 ST90E40ZL1/ 2SC3299
TC5071 FM24C03UM8X B158H6940G3 80C49 UCC3805DTR DS1243Y120 MTM10N15L ST90E40ZL6E 2SC33
TC5072P FM24C03ULM8 74ALVCH1637 80C49 UCC3805D DS1255U MTM15N40E ST90T26ZB6E 2SC3300
TC5082 FM24C03UEN 74ALVCH1624 80C3911WP UCC3804D DS1258KA001 MTM20N10 ST93CS56B1 2SC3306
TC5090P FLST72C171/ BU2708AFB P80C31-12 UCC3803D DS126025 MTM2N45 ST93CS66B1 2SC3307
TC5501P FLPSD8F/040 MWA130 80A52AH UCC3802N DS1267-010 MTM3N35 STA341 2SC3308
TC551664BJ1 FLPSD4000/0 BDV64C 80A39 UCC3802D DS1275S MTM40N20 STA460C 2SC3310
TC55257APL1 FLMICROA5/0 BDV64A 80A32 UCC3801N DS12887A MTP15N20 STARTERKIT9 2SC3312
TC5564 FLIXF6151BE BRT21H 8065212P UCC3801D DS1410K MTP1N95 STARTERKITL 2SC3314
TC5565APL10 FLH191 74LCX646MTC 8048HP UCC3800N DS1487N MTP20N10 STB3020L 2SC3317
TC57256AD20 FLC01-200H BFX34 8048HP UCC3800D DS1497 MTP25N06 STB80NF5507 2SC3318
TC8600N FLC01200H AM26C32QD 8048HP UCC3750DW DS14C232 MTP2955 STB9NB50 2SC3320
TC9002 FLASHKIT AM26C31QD 8048HP UCC3580DTR3 DS14C232CN MTP2N40 STB9NC60T4 2SC3322
TC9002DP FLASHCAN64P 2N4858A 80484H UCC3580D4 2SB696 MTP2N45 STD20NE03L 2SC3327
TC9003 FLASDCONS/0 2N4856A 8039HL011WP UCC3580D1 2SD732 MTP2N50E STD25NE03L 2SC3328
TC9106BAP FKPF12N80 BA6290A 8035HLST UCC35706D DS14C89AN MTP2N60A STD2NB80 2SC3330
TC9121P FJN965BU 74LVT640PW 8035HL UCC35701N DS1602 MTP2N90 STE180N10 2SC3331
TC9138 FJH1100 74HC297DT3 8032AH UCC35701D DS1621C MTP3055A STE24N90 2SC3332
TC9147BP FINGERTEVA2 BYW51F200 8031HH UCC2976PW DS1633 MTP30N05 STE24N90 2SC3334
TC9148P FIN1532M 30CPQ060 79L12A UCC2961D DS1651 MTP36N06V STE47N50 2SC3335
TC9149P FIN1531M 74HCT4067D 75173N UCC2946D DS166610 MTP3N50E STH12N60 2SC334
TC9152P FIN1032M 74LVTH16374 75117P428A UCC2921D DS1667-010 MTP3P10 STH12N60FI 2SC3343
TC9153AP FIN1031M BUZ21L 7500T UCC2913D DS1689 MTP4N45 STH15NA50 2SC3345
TC9184AP FIN1028M BUW13A 74 UCC28C45D DS1706LEPA MTP55N05 STH60N10 2SC3346
TC9213P FIN1027M BUV48 74S89N UCC28C43P DS1706T MTP5N20 STH6NA80FI 2SC335
TC9214P FIN1022M BUH315D MM74HC4051W UCC28C43DGK DS1721U MTP5N40E STI1803DHI 2SC3352
TC9216P FIN1019M BU500D 74S408SN UCC28C40P DS181310 MTP5N50 STK0050II 2SC3353A
TC9227P FIN1018M BU500D 74S260N UCC2895DW DS183310 MTP6N60A STK040 A1N18012
TC9236AF FIN1017M BU415A 74S225N UCC2889N DS2132A MTP6N60AFI STK075 2SC3356
TC9284AF FGP30N6S2D BU2708AX 74S181N UCC2884D DS2143Q MTP8P08 STK080 2SC3356T1BS
TC9284BF FGL60N170DT BDV66C DM74S174N UCC28517DW DS2400 MTP8P20 STK1060II 2SC3357
TC9302AF043 FGL40N150DT 2SD1175 74S16N UCC28516DW DS2401 MTS105 STK2250 2SC3358
TC9306F027 FGH50N6S2D 2SC3156 DM74S162N UCC28514DW DS2401Z N370CH12 STK3082 2SC3359
TC9307 FGH30N6S2D 2KBP10 74S153N UCC28513DW DS2404SC01 NDB7060L STK392-040 2SC336
TC9309 FGB40N6S2 BU810 DM74S139N UCC28512DW DS2405 NPNRFTRANSI STK402-120S 2SC337
TC9309056 FGB30N6S2D ADG719BRTRE 74S10N UCC28511DW DS2407P NSC927 STK405-110A 2SC3374
TC9309F106 FGB30N6S2 74ABT827DT3 74NCT166P UCC283TDADJ DS2435 NSC957 STK4065 2SC3375
TC9312 FFPF60B150D AM26LV32CD 74LV86D UCC2809D2 DS2435K NTE379 STK411230M 2SC3376
TMS34070NL FFPF30U20ST AM26LV31CD 74LV5730 UCC2808APW2 DS2502 NTE5545 STK412-020 2SC3377
TC9400CPD FFPF10U60ST 74CBT6800AD 74LV4045DB UCC2806PW DS276 O3P2M STK4131II 2SC338
TCA105A FFB3946 BUZ22E3045A 74LS375N UCC2806N DS36149 OC141 STK4151II 2SC3381
TCA105G FDW252P 74ACTQ574SC 74HCT533P UCC2806DW DS36179 OC16 STK4161II 2SC3382
TCA210 FDW2506P 74ACTQ574SC 74HCT253T UCC2805D DS3625 OC36 STK4181MK2 2SC3383
TCA220 FDW2501NZ 74ACTQ574PC 74HCT241D UCC2804N DS3650 OC79 STK4241V 2SC3386
TCA250 FDW2501N 74ACTQ573SC 74HCT191T UCC2804DTR DS3675N ON4213 STK432-070 2SC3389
TCA273D FDV304P 74ACTQ573SC 74HC534T UCC2802N DS3677N ON4341 STK436¬ ¬ M 2SC339
TCA280A FDV303N 74ACTQ573PC 74HC40104T UCC2801N DS3691N ON4409 STK439 2SC3391
TCA3001 FDV302P 74ACTQ273SC 74HC181T UCC2801D DS3692N ON4542 STK441 2SC3393
TCA305A FDV301N 74ACTQ245SC 74H04N UCC2800D DS3697N OP2857 STK443¬ ¬ M 2SC3395
TCA311 FDS9435A 74ACTQ244SC 74FO2D UCC2750DW DS5000FP12 P0102AA5AL3 STK460 2SC3396
TCA335A FDS8936A 74ACTQ244PC 74FCT573P UCC27324DGN DS5002FP12 P0109AA1AA3 STK460A¬ ¬  2SC3397
TCA345A FDS8934A 74ACTQ240SC 74F881N UCC27221PWP DS75150N P0118DA1AA3 STK466 2SC3399
TCA350Y FDS8926A 74ACTQ240PC 74F85D UCC2580D4 DS8555 PA6015A STK4803 2SC340
TCA365B FDS6986S 74ACQ574SC 74F841N UCC2580D3 DS8629 PD100C40PAC STK4853 2SC3400
TCA420A FDS6975 74ACQ573SC 74F652F UCC2580D2 DS8641N PK110F40PAC STK4863 2SC3401
TCA440 FDS6912A 74ACQ573PC 74F564SCX UCC2570D DS87C520QNL PK25HB120 STK4983 2SC3402
TCA4511 FDS6690A 74ACQ373SC 74F534N UCC25702D DS87C530QNL PK55HB120 STK5333S 2SC3413
TC5002 FDS6670A 74ACQ373PC 74F398N UC563DP DS8810 PK90F40PACK STK5337 2SC3414
TCA511 FDS6630A 74ACQ245SC 74F38N UC5613DP DS8820N PN2222A STK5371 2SC3416
TCA520B FDS6612A 74ACQ245PC 74F381N UC5608DWP DS8830 PN2905A2N29 STK5372H 2SC3417
TCA530 FDS6575 74ACQ244SCX 74F258N UC5601DWPTR DS8831 PN5163 STK5481 2SC3419
TCA540 FDS4953 74ACQ244SC 74F251N UC5601DWP DS8832 PN9182N918 STK5482 2SC342
TCA5600 FDS4559 74ACQ244PC 74F251AH UC5170CQ DS8833 PQ09NF1 STK5490 2SC3420
TCA580 FDS4435A 74ACQ240SC 74F191N UC39432D DS8834N PQ12RFIV STK672-330 2SC3421
TCA600 FDS3890 74ACQ240PC 74F1820 UC39431D DS8835 PQ15RF2 STK673-010 2SC3422
TCA640 FDR4420A BYT200PIV40 74F181N UC3914DW DS8837N PQ30RV2 STK7216 2SC3423
TCA650 FDP6670AL AS7C31025A1 74F162AH UC3907N DS8838N PST529C STK730-140 2SC3425
TCA700Y FDP6030L AS7C31025A1 74F148N UC3906N DS8855 PST572 STK730-150 2SC343
TCA740 FDP42AN15A0 AS7C31024A1 74F13N UC3906DWTR DS8859 PST572E STK7308 2SC3432
TCA750 FDN361AN AS7C31024A1 74F132N UC3906DW DS8863N PST572H STK7309 2SC3446
TCA760 FDN358P AS7C1026A12 74F126N UC3903N DS8869 PST600D STK73408MK2 2SC3447
TCA770A FDN357N AS7C1026A12 74F112N UC3902D DS8872 PST600E STK7563 2SC3449
TCA810A FDN340P AS7C1026A12 74F02NB UC3901Q DS8874 PST600EM STK7573 2SC3450
TCA820 FDN339AN AS7C1024A20 74F02N UC3901DWTR DS8880N PST9242 STLC3055Q 2SC3451
TCA900 FDN338P AS7C1024A15 74AL UC3886D DS8881N PT1017 STLC3065QTR 2SC3452
TCA910 FDN337N AS7C1024A15 74ALS573BN UC3879DW DS8887 PT2253A STLC5444B1 2SC3454
TCA940N FDN336P AS7C1024A12 74ALS564AN UC3876N DS8921AN PT5741 STM164510 2SC3455
TD62308F FDN327N 74LVT162240 74ALS563AN UC3875DWP DS8922AN PT8501P20 STM164530 2SC3456
TD6314AP01 FDN308P 2SD1545 74ALS393N UC3874N2 DS8923AN PT8828 STM901-30 2SC3459
TD6314P FDN304P 2SD1497I 74ALS24240A UC3872N DS9072H40R PTB250800EU STM91514 2SC3460
TD6314P06 FDN302P BUK10150GLB 74AC1107AN UC3871N DS907540 PTB90800PAC STM96115 2SC3461
TD6350P FDLL4148 BU508DFB 74ABT6230 UC3866N DS907640 PTC08 STOCK_PHS_2 2SC3466
TD6359P FDH333TR BUK9508-55B 74ABT16374A UC385TDADJ DS9092 PU4BA418418 STP10NB50 2SC3467
TD6360N FDH333 ADF4116BR4 SN7494N/DM7 UC3855BN DS9092K TLE4279G STP10NB50 2SC3468
TD6360N02 FDH300TR BFX34 74530N UC3855BDW DS9092R PW100C40PAC STP16NE06 2SC3478
TD6600 FDH300 ADG723BRM 7451NV UC3854BDW DS9092SP PW80C40PACK STP18N06 2SC3482
TDA0470 FDG6323L MC68HC000CF SN7439N UPC6753A DS9092T QFMR3434SIL STP18N06 2SC3486
TDA1012 FDG6320C ATF10736 74367AN UC3852N DS9093A MC3461P STP3020L 2SC3493
TDA1013BA FDG6303N BUY57 74365AN UC3852D DS9093AT QFMT1868FMS STP30N06 2SC3494
TDA1024 FDG6301N BUX127VDO SN7428 UC3851N DS9093F QFMT3434SIL STP33N10 2SC3495
TDA1026 FDFS6N303 BU322A 74180N UC3846DW DS9093N QMR1868FMSI STP33N10 2SC3502
TDA1028 FDD6680S BU2508DFB SN7421 AN7236 DS9093RA R1001 STP36NO6FI 2SC3503
TDA1045 FDD6680A 74ACT16374D SN74116N UC3843DTR DS9093S R1004 STP36NO6FI 2SC3504
TDA1046 FDD6672A 74ACT16373D 74109N UC3843AD8 DS9094F R2001 STP3NA90 2SC3505
TDA1050 FDD6670A 74ACT16244D 74S194N UC3833DW DS9096P R2002 STP3NB60 2SC3506
TDA1053 FDD6030L 74ACT16240D LTC489CSW UC3832N DS9096PUNID R2004 STP40NE03L- 2SC3519
TDA1057 FDD5680 74AC16373DL UDN2936W120 UC382TDTRAD DS9097U-009 RCA1A03 STP45N10 2SC3531
TDA1059BA FDD5612 74AC16245DL 709C UC382TADJ DS9101 RCA1A04 STP45N10 2SC3544
TDA1060 FDC6561AN 74AC16244DL 7010V2 UC3827DW1 DS9503P RCA1A05 STP4N20 2SC3549
TDA1062 FDC655AN ATF22V10C15 70012SB UC3825DW DSS30655 RCA1A06 STP4NA80 2SC3553
TDA1072AL FDC654P ATF22V10C15 68070CAA84 UC3825AN DW863228VCM RCA1A09 STP4NB90 2SC3554
TDA1076 FDC653N BDX11 68070CAA84 UC3825ADW E5530 RCA1A10 STP55N05 2SC3556
TDA1078 FDC645N AS7C1024A12 6803P1 UC3824DW ECG3880 RCA1B04 STP55N06 2SC3558
TDA1085C FDC638P AS4LC1M16E5 6803P1 UC3770AQ ED15 RCA1B05 STP5NA50 2SC3567
TDA1086 FDC636P MAX3180CPA 65X61IJN UC3715N HD6803P1 RCA1B06 STP5NA50 2SC3568
TDA1087 FDC634P BU808DFH 6456402Y UC3714D EF68A54P RCA1C03 STP5NA50F1 2SC3569K
TDA1102SP FDC6327C 2N5116 6,81H35V20+ UC3710T EF68BA21P RCA1C04 STP5NA60 2SC3571
TDA1104SP FDC6324L BU2708AXB 5V111 UC3710N EF68BA50P RCA1C05 STP5NA80 2SC3576
TDA1170 FDC6323L ACST88CFP 5512S UC3710DW EF7910 RCA1C06 STP60N06 2SC3591
TDA1170D FDC6322C ADM709LAN 54F194BEA UC3709N EF/MC/HD680 RCA1C12 STP60NA60 2SC3595
TDA1170N FDC6321C BUZ21L 53C256P80L UC3709DW EGC1396 RCA1C13 STP6N60 2SC3596
TDA1170NSGS FDC6312P STS7NF30L 532D UC3707DW EP910PC35 RCA1E02 STP6N60A 2SC3597
TDA1170S FDC6305N BUF405AFI 5010MOO4WP PH50S280-24 EPM5128JC RCA1E03 STP6N60FI 2SC3598
TDA1190 FDC6303N BU2520AX 48 UC3638N EPM5128LC RCA40362 STP6NB50FP 2SC3602
TDA1197 FDC604P BU2520AW 4531BD UC3638DW EPUCOP87802 RCA410413 STP6NB90FP 2SC3606
TDA1327BA FDC5612 BU2520A 4522BD UC3637Q ER1400E RCA413 STP6NC60FP 2SC3607
TDA1330 FDB8030L BDV66C 4521BT UC3637N ER1400SS RCP111B STP7NB60 2SC3611
TDA1405 FDB7030L AN5790N 4508BDB UC3637DW ERA1 RCS618 STP80NE0610 2SC3612
TDA1470 FDB6030BL 2SD1889 4162N UC3625Q ERA1SM3 RFP250 STP80NE0610 2SC3615
TDA1514A FCT162646AT BTS142D 40VOLT220uf UC3572D ERA2SM RFP2P10 STP8NA50 2SC3616
TDA1517P FCN565P068G BD746C 40373BT UC3544N ERA3 RFP6N60 STP8NA50 2SC3616L
TDA1517N1 FCN565P068G BU508DWB 40245B UC3526N ETC2523Q RN1004 STPMTP4N100 2SC3619
TDA1518Q FCN565P068G BU508AWB 4019BT UC3526DW ETC2716Q RN1202 STPMTP4N100 2SC3621
TDA1520 FCN565P068G 74HCT7259RM 401613T UC3526AQ EVALAD7730E RN1203 STPS10H100C 2SC3622
TDA1521A FCM6020 ATTINY12V1S 3K9 UC3526AN EZ1084CT RN1204 STPS20H100C 2SC3623
TDA1521Q FCF61C65LL8 ATTINY12L4S 33039064C UC3525ADW F8437 RN1206 STPS80H100T 2SC3626
TDA1522 FC929 BSS131 300741890CC UC3524AN F9016DC RN1211 STPS8H100G1 2SC3628
TDA1540P FC909   30065CC320 UC3524ADW F9309PC RN1241 STR2012 2SC3629
TDA1543 FC80960HT75 AS4C1M16F56 300531888CC UC29432D F9311 RN2003 STR2012A 2SC3636
TDA1550 FC80960HD80 AS4C1M16F55 2R12220A1uO UC2907DW F9312PC RN2203 STR2013 2SC3642
TDA1553Q FC80486DX4W AS4C1M16F55 2PC1815GR UC2901N F9316 RN2204 STR3015X 2SC3643
TDA1554Q FC165UTAHLF AS4C1M16E56 2M3UA UC2901D F9318 RN2205 STR3130 2SC3644
TDA1558Q FB180SA10 AS4C1M16E55 27HC641 UC2879N F9321PC RN2208 STR370 2SC3645
TDA1560Q FAN8200D AS4C1M16E56 2716Q UC2879DW F9374PC RN2304 STR371 2SC3657
TDA1562Q FAN7554D 25TTS12 2716D UC2875N F956DC RN2406 STR381 2SC3675
TDA1565 FAN7554 BTS612N1E32 2427PC UC2875J FA13842 ROG01 STR382 2SC3678
TDA1591 FAN7527 30EPH03 237BG UC2874DWTR2 FA5305 ROG02 STR53043A 2SC3679
TDA1599V FAN5660IM BTS428L2 2,2386E+10 UC2874DW1 FA5311 ROG03 STR81145 2SC3680
TDA1602BA FAN5236QSC 74LVCH16952 2,2229E+10 UC2871DW FA5317 RRF830 STRD1806ER 2SC3685
TDA1605S FAN5059M CA3096CE 220uf25V4 UC2864DW FCH131 RT4418AMTRA STRD5441 2SC3686
TDA1670A FAN5037M BUZ60 2,2uf250V UC2855BN FCH171 S0602NH STRF6354 2SC3687
TDA1675A FAN4822IM BUZ41A 1S2746 UC2855BDW FCH191 S0802MH1AA2 STRF6626 2SC3688
TDA1701 FAN4803CS2X 2SK2842 1S2745 UC2854N FDC1793 S1298 STRG6351 2SC3691
TDA1771 FAN4803CP2 2SK1378 16VOLT220PF UC2854BN FDC9216BA S1854 STRM6524 2SC3692
TDA1872 FAN4040BIS3 74VCX16827M 1585T UC2854AN FLH121 S2000A STRZ2012 2SC3693
TDA1902 FAN1655MTF BQ2002TSN 14426P UC2854ADW FLH131 S2000A3 STRZ4151A 2SC3694
TDA1904 FAN1086M33X BQ2002SNTR 14426P UC2853D FLH151 S2000AF STTH2003CG 2SC3705
TDA1905 FAGD16592A4 BTS611L1 14426P UC2852D FLH171 S2000N STU11NB60 2SC3708
TDA1910 FAGD16591A4 BU2525AWB 14426P UC2848N FLH191 S2055A STV2118B 2SC3710
TDA2002V F-Abschluss BRST62/0400 125279403Y UC2847DW FLH221 S2055AFS205 STV6888 2SC372
TDA2003ST FA80486SXSF STS3DNE60L 10161N UC2846N FLH231 S2060D STV7779 2SC3729
TDA2003V FA80386EXTB AT90S120012 10149F UC2846J FLH251 S2060E STV9555 2SC3729
TDA2004R FA38SA50LC AT89C5124AI 10131N UC2846DW FLJ111 S2400N STV9556 2SC373
TDA2005M F8404147 AT49BV00290 10125N UC2845ADW FLJ151 S2800D STVHD90 2SC3743
TDA2006V F6CE1G8425L MT8980DP 10124N UC2845AD FLJ251 S2818 STVHD90 2SC3748
TDA2009S(ST F6810P AT27BV01090 10116F IDT 74FCT22 FLJ261 S3529 STW15NB50 2SC3749
TDA2020 F665 CD54HC244F 10110N UC2844AD8 FLJ311 S3702SF STW15NB50 2SC3750
TDA2025B F5CH836M50L 74ALVT16244 100VOLT22uM UC2843AD FLJ381 S3704D STW20NA50 2SC3752
TDA2030V F5CE915M00D 74ABT861D 100VOLT22uf UC2842AD FLL151 S3786 STW20NA50 2SC377
TDA2040ST F561 BTS436L2 100MKT110 UC2838N FSC9024 S3900S STW33N20 2SC3774
TDA2040V F40014B 74LS164 100415FS UC2834J FT8U232AM S3901S STW5NA100 2SC3779
TDA2048 F315A250VOL ATTINY2616M 100181SB UC2833N FX118P S4016NH1AA2 STW60N10 2SC3781
TDA2050V F22V10ACNT 20HF120 100171SB UC2833DW FX604P3 S4020L STW6NB90 2SC3782
TDA2061 F22V10ACFN BTS410H2 100165SB UC2832DW FX624P4 S6025L STW75N06 2SC3785
TDA2086AD F20R45CFN 74OL6010 100164Y UC282TDADJ FX631P3 S6089 STW75N06 2SC3788
TDA2151 F20R425CNT 74OL6001 100163F UC282TD3 FX641P4 S60W STW80N06 2SC3789
TDA2162 F20R420MJTB 74OL6000 100158S UC2827N1 FX651D4 S6210M STW80N06 2SC3793HIT
TDA2170 F20R415CNT BQ2057TTS 100150SB UC2827DW2 FX673D4 S673T SW7407N 2SC3794
TDA2393 F20L85CNT 74ACTQ533SC 100141SB UC2825Q FX709J S707 SW9601 2SC3795
TDA2440 F20L825CNT BTS621L1 100141F UC2825N FX949L6 S709T SY2029 2SC3795A
TDA2502 F20L815CNT ATTINY2616P 100131Y ULX8161M FZH101A S8050 SY2148H 2SC3795B
TDA2510 F20L815CFN ADC08161CIW 100131F UC2825DW FZH105A S8550 SY3203 2SC3798
TDA2520 F16R825CN 16HF120 100123S NM1436AW FZH111 S9011H SYC16C452 2SC380
TDA2521/3 F16R825CFN ACE1202N 100118Y S8231 FZH115B S9013G T/1N3659 2SC3802
TDA2522 F16R820MJ ADC1241CIJ 100114Y UC2823Q FZH121 S9013H T/1N3659N 2SC3807
TDA2523 F16R815CN AM26C31MJB 100112SB UC2823DW FZH125 S9014 T0810NJ 2SC381
TDA2524 F16R625CN 8102303DA 100107SB UC2823ADW FZH131 S9015 T50RIA120 2SC3811
TDA2532 F16R620MJB 5,9628E+10 100102Y UC2714D FZH141 S9018H T50RIA60 2SC3822
TDA2558 F16R410CN 20K1000EBC6 100102SB UC2707DW FZH145 S926 T5556CM 2SC3831
TDA2560Q F16L87CN BSS123E6327 100102F UC2706DW FZH151 S927 T8566P/003 2SC3832
TDA2570 F16L87CFN 1N4151TAPBO 100101F UC2705D FZH155 SAC187 T90RIA120 2SC3833
TDA2571A F16L825CN LM1877 1,5ufX2MKT UC2637Q FZH161 SC100C40 TA03NP 2SC3834
TDA2572 F16L825CFN AT17LV51210 6201¬ ¬ E81 UC2637N FZH165B SC107 TA7244P 2SC3835
TDA2574 F16L815CFN AT17LV51210 L‚??323HD UC2573D FZH171 PAL001A TA7247AP 2SC3840
TDA2579BA F1502ASV15J AD7730LBR SLR‚??342MC UC2543N FZH175 SC250M TA7250BP 2SC3851
TDA2581L F10K200SBC6 AD7714YRU SLR‚??342MG UC2527AN FZH181 SC400531FV TA7252 2SC3852A
TDA2595 F10K200SBC3 AD7714YN SLR‚??342YY UC2526N FZH185 SC407465FU TA7263 2SC3853
TDA2610A F10K100EQC2 AD7548JN SLR‚??342YC UC2525AN FZH191 SC7508F TA7271 2SC3854
TDA2614 F10K100EQC2 ADUC832BCP SLR‚??342VR UC2525ADW FZH195 SC7S32F TA7282 2SC3855
TDA2615 F10K100EFC4 ADUC831BCP SLR‚??342VC UC2524N FZH201 SD1488 TA7320 2SC3856
TDA2616 F10K100EBC3 AD8522ARREE L‚??323YD UC2524AN FZH205 SDM20302 TA7343 2SC3857
TDA2652 EZ80L92AZ05 AD8522AR L‚??323ID UC2524ADW FZH211 SDM20324 TA75557 2SC3858
TDA2654S EZ80L92AZ02 AD8522AN L‚??323GD UC1903J FZH215 SDT7612 TA7606P 2SC3860
TDA2655 EZ80L920210 ADSP2184BST LA5436‚?? UC1863J FZH231 SDT9309 TA7616P 2SC3866
TDA2655462 EZ80F92AZ02 AD7734BRU LA3386‚??MQ UC1854J883B FZH235 SE014N TA7617AP 2SC3868
TDA2655B EZ80F915050 AD7732BRU LA3366‚??PS UC1854J FZH241 SE110N TA7624P 2SC3869
TDA2655BAV5 EZ80190AZ05 ADDSTS101SE LA5416 UC1854BJ FZH245B SE115N TA7625P 2SC3870
TDA2655PLA EZ801900100 AD7820KR SLI‚??342YC UC1846J FZH251 SE120N TA7641BP 2SC3875
TDA2661 EVALAD7719E 320LF2406AP LA3386‚??Q UC1845J883B FZH255 SE125 TA7644BP 2SC388
TDA2680 EVAL6590N 5384VA125LB LA3336‚??U UC1845J FZH261 SE130N TA7657P 2SC3881
TDA2690 EVAL656180 5384V125LB2 LA3366‚??S UC1844J FZH265B SE135N TA7670P 2SC3883
TDA2721 EVAL6206PD 6TQ045S LAT676‚??Q UC1843J FZH271 SE140N TA7767F 2SC3884
TDA2750 EVAL4971 78ST133HC LD274 UC1843AJ FZH275 SE7056 TA7796P 2SC3885
TDA2760 EVAL4971 78ST105VC LAT776‚??Q UC1842AJ883 FZH281 SE9300 TA8083F 2N2605
TDA2790 ETC5057NH 78ST105SC LAM676‚??Q UC1836J FZH285B SE9400 TA8083P 2SC3889A
TDA2822M ESM740GI 78ST105HC LGS260‚??DO UC1825J883B FZH291 SGP10N60 TA8102 2SC3890
TDA2841 ESM6045DV 78SR174SC LSS260‚??DO UC1825J FZH295B SGS120 TA8214 2SC3892A
TDA3000 ESM6045AV 78SR115HC LYS260‚??DO UC1825AJ883 FZJ101 SGSP351 TA8220 2SC3892P
TDA3030 ESM5045DV 78SR114VC SFH309 UC1823L883B FZJ105 SGSP577 TA8221 2SC3893
TDA3082 ESM4045DV 78SR108SC SFH309FA UC1823BJ883 FZJ111 SGW13N60UFD TA8229 2SC3894
TDA3083 ESM4045DV 78SR105VC SFH310 UC1823AL883 FZJ115 SH12N60 TA8258 H 2SC3895
TDA3301 ESM3045DV 78SR105HC SFH320¬ ¬  UC1823AJ883 FZJ121 SH12N60FI TA8276H 2SC3896
TDA3301BA ESM3030DV BZX55B15TAP SFH320FA¬ ¬ UC1706J FZJ125 SH66558A TA8622 2SC3897
TDA3303 ESM2030DV 32C6414DGLZ LAM676‚??R UC1543J FZJ131 SJ5685 TA8680 2SC3898
TDA3333 ESM2012DV 32C6414CGLZ LAM776‚??Q UC1526J FZJ135 TA75462 TA8745 2SC3899
TDA3472 ESDALC6V1W5 20K600EBC65 LAM776‚??R UC1526AJ FZJ141 SK3004 TA8776 2SC3901
TDA3473 ESDA6V2S6 5,9629E+10 LAT776‚??S UC1525AJ FZJ145 SK3006 TAA2761A 2SC3902
TDA3504 ESDA6V1U1 54F825SDMQB SFH300 UC1524AJ FZJ151A SK3009 TAA4765A 2SC3907
TDA3505G ESDA6V1SC6 54F192DMQB. SFH300FA UAF42AU FZJ161 SK3010 TAA611 2SC3917
TDA3506M ESDA6V1S3 54AC646SDMQ SFH314 UAF42AP FZK101 SK3018 TAA611T12 2SC3927
TDA3507 ESDA6V1S3 20K1000EFC6 SFH313FA UA9638D FZK105 SK3020 TAA621A1 2SC394
TDA3530 ESDA5V3SC6 BAW56E6433B SFH313 UA9637ACP FZL101 SK3026 TAA661A 2SC3940
TDA3540 ESDA25DB3 BAS21LT3BOX SFH325FA UA9637ACD FZL105 SK3027 TAA661B 2SC3941
TDA3563 ESDA25B1 ACEICEEU LYS269‚??BO UA78M08CKC FZL111 SK3028 TAA691 2SC3943
TDA3567 ESDA14V2SC6 AD574ATD LSS269‚??BO UA78M08CDCY FZL121 SK3029